By Lynnie Stein / January 8, 2022

Learn to feel again

We are sitting in the middle of unprecedented times.

We are amongst a collective breaking down of systems fluctuating between despair & possibility of better days to come.

The last day of 2021. Bringing in 2022 Cranking up 80’s tunes and Dancing under the stars!!!!

Not to mention the usual life stresses of children, finances, health and relationships.

The unknown, the uncertainty, the disbelief, the outrage, the fear and PTSD of what is going on all around us.

This is not a game for the meek and mild although we may certainly feel like this at times.

And if you don’t think you are impacted by another’s plight, think again.

Whatever side of the fence you are on, you are impacted too.

And it’s hard, overwhelming and confusing too.

And that’s ok. We are all learning how to FEEL again. We have been shut down for too long.

Some peeps are sailing through the storm, while others may feel like they are at times sinking.

Some feel nothing, whilst others feel all of it!

I can’t pretend it’s all roses and I am skipping into the new earth on a rainbow because I’m not.

However, one thing I know is, the harder I fall the stronger I become and more determination I have to rise.

Like the cracks in the beautiful ancient vases that were mended with gold.

Sometimes it is all beyond our comprehension but know this, this is the fabric of humanity that is coming together.

We are becoming for lack of a better description … the glue — like what was used to mend the broken ancient vases. The glue of the universe, the earth, the cosmos. Never to be torn apart or live in isolation and separation again.

You see, they underestimate the resilience of human beings.

EVERYDAY, I am in awe of humans. If we could write an Ode to Humans I don’t think I could express how much I feel, it is beyond words.

One day we will look in the mirror, and beyond the battle lines and scars which we will not notice for we will be unrecognisable in the way that our greatness will be shining through and the only thing we see!

This alchemical transformative process we are in, we will soon recognise as the propulsion that allowed us to emerge from darkness into the light. That allowed us to let go of the tightrope swing! And land into the safety net that is ourselves, others, humanity, as well as this beautiful earth.

I wish you well during these difficult times, and although you may not always see it know that you are supported.

Adapted from sage words, Thanks so much, Paula.

Paula Wickham

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