By Lynnie Stein / October 12, 2018

Kefir Bread

In our kitchen we  making bread by hand.

Bread baking is all about timing.

We follow a family bush ritual in starting the process.

The starter is left by running water in a bush environment for a number of days.

Today, we know it is the microbes in the organic grain that has the most impact on fermentation.

But tradition is the glue that sticks a family together 👪

But as for bread machines, you can’t argue with convenience and temperamental sour dough starters.

Pop in milk kefir and flour and go to bed.

On waking turn on and fresh, delicious bread 3-4 hours later!

That even has the sour dough taste.

We used #glutenfree mixture of green banana and tiger nut flour. For extra sour zing and colour, a dash of red #sauerkraut.

🖤and bacteria

Xxoo Lynnie

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