By Lynnie Stein / October 12, 2018

Kefir butter

Look what mummy kefir made…. butter.

Replace the milk you normally use to make kefir with heavy cream.

Allow to culture a bit longer (due to the higher fat content) until thick and creamy.

Strain and you have Kefir sour cream.

In our kitchen we use raw bath milk cream.

If your kitchen is lacking a hand-crank butter churn use an electric hand mixer and beat the sour cream until the butterfat begins separating out from the protein.

Once this happens, dump off the buttermilk (save for mummy’s breakfast buttermilk wattle seed pancakes with berry topping and drizzled with lavender honey infused kefir).

Rinse the butter solids with cold water, and beat more of the buttermilk out.

Once the water runs clear during the butter-washing process add Himalayan salt if desired and refrigerate.

Grandma would add marigold (Calendula) petals to give color.  and bacteria. Happy Mothers Day

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