By Lynnie Stein / January 5, 2024

Keeping your cool in the dating scene

May the radiance of this day fill your heart with wonder. Listen up! Some individuals just aren’t ready to share the love! To have a healthy, give-and-take relationship, you gotta be in that sweet spot where your heart and mind are both on the same page. Don’t rush into anything if you’re not feeling it, take the time to be emotionally available and ready for love.

Let’s face it, folks – we all have our highs and lows, our moments of glory and our moments of Netflix binges. No need to point fingers or assign blame; it’s just a fact of life. What’s crucial is acknowledging this truth.

Here’s a mind-blowing secret: once you realize this truth, you’ll stop taking actions of others so darn personally.

It’s normal to feel the sting when the love of your life drop off the radar, ghost, or keep their distance. But don’t sweat it, it’s just human nature!

Yet in truth it’s rarely about us.

So when dating, keeping these things in mind can help your heart open:

  • Many people are recovering from heartbreak, mistrust and trauma.
  • Many are too hurt to open to the vulnerable depths of love.
  • Most people will rarely seek out genuine therapeutic work to heal their wounds and work on their patterns.
  • Why do we always chase those who won’t give us the time of day? It’s like we’re drawn to the challenge of winning over the unattainable. Meanwhile, the ones who truly cherish us get left behind.
  • Instead of seeing your awesomeness, some peeps are on the hunt for your flaws. They’ll even nit-pick over the teeniest stuff, like a ninja spy!
  • Many people are driven by their basic instincts and fleeting feelings.
  • Loads of folks put all the blame on their exes for their past relationship bloopers.

Navigating the World of Love with Knowledge and Courage

Being aware of the potential pitfalls of opening up to love doesn’t have to be discouraging. In fact, it can help you navigate the various disappointments that come with it. You may face rejection, ghosting, and judgment, but it’s important to remember that taking risks is necessary when it comes to love.

Listen up, folks! It’s not about the number of unfeeling robots out there because, believe it or not, you only need to lock eyes with ONE person to make all the difference. That one connection can open up the floodgates to true love and forever happiness! So, don’t let the bumpy road get you down, keep marching forward!

Don’t let the naysayers rain on your parade, friend! You can keep shining and chasing your dreams, even if some people didn’t believe in you. Keep on keeping on, doing the fabulous work you do! And who knows, you might just meet the person who’s all for you and more. So, chin up, keep hustling and busting, and let the good times roll!

Keep showing up for the person you want to be, and the kind of partnership you desire to create.

How do you want to be loved?

Imagine your future partner being blown away by the kind of partner you have chosen to become.

Imagine them being blown away by the commitment you have made to develop the relationship skills that you were humble enough to learn.

Imagine them deeply valuing and cherishing your love, and how committed you were to being someone who can love them the way they’ve been waiting to be loved.

And if you’re not doing this work, don’t expect much to change in 2024.

Patterns don’t change unless we actively change them.

Real change is more than just setting intentions, it’s about the work you do after.

Although in many cases someone’s unavailability is not about us. it’s equally true that if we have recurring patterns in our dating lives, that is something for us to look at and work on.’

If you keep going for unavailable people, that’s a you thing, not a them thing.

Get ready, because 2024 could be the year to turn your life around! Dive into your past experiences, learn from them, and unlock the power to create your new reality. The world is your oyster!

Life is a wild ride of choices and priorities, and it’s up to us to pick the right ones.

So, don’t forget to invest your time and energy in the people who matter most. They’re the priceless gems that make the journey worth every twist and turn.

What are you choosing for 2024?

I choose ….

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