By Lynnie Stein / May 18, 2024

Is it love or just a spark?

When you’re loved, it’s not just a hunch – you’ll feel it in your bones! Some may even ask, “Can you feel the love tonight?” But hey, what exactly is this magical feeling? Well, there are clues aplenty to back it up!

Below are some of the evidences…

Well, guess what?


When someone loves you, he or she will give you attention. We naturally give attention to the things that we love.


When someone loves you, they will care about your well-being. Anyone who doesn’t care about your well-being does not love you.


When someone loves you, they will communicate often with you as much as possible. Hearing the voice and especially the laughter of whom you love is a delight.


The natural outflow of love is giving. When someone loves you, they will give.

Here, the price tag doesn’t matter so much—it’s more the level of thoughtfulness behind it.

A handcrafted card means way more than a Hallmark card, for example. The gifts you give serve as objects to help them remember you were thinking of them, which immediately fills them with joy and love. A special love note left under the pillow or in a lunch box. A glass of water left by the bed side table. Guess who loves you? Email or text sent when you are thinking of them. Your favourite meal prepared and a table set. So, it doesn’t necessarily have to be involved with money but there will be giving.


When someone loves you, they will desire and long to spend time with you. When you love someone, you will desire the presence of the person. So whether that’s starting a new TV series together on Netflix or taking a long road trip together, it’s all about being actively engaged and present in the moment as a couple. Anyone who doesn’t like spending time with you, may not love you.


The ultimate proof of love is sacrifice. Love is not self-seeking. Love always spends itself at the expense of the beloved. Someone that is not going out of his way once in a while to make you feel good, may not love you. Love is sacrificial.


When you’re loved, brace yourself for the patience parade! Your flaws, lazy days, and all will get the red carpet treatment.

A moment of patience in a moment of anger ; prevent a thousand moments of regret.


When someone loves you, they will try to protect you from harm, they will ensure that you are safe. Most importantly, they will protect your heart.


When you’re someone’s favourite human, they’ll sprinkle kindness on you like confetti!

Love? It’s all about that warm and fuzzy kindness.

If they’re tossing around harsh vibes, it’s more of a “I’m not a fan” signal rather than a “You rock my world” vibe.


When someone’s got a soft spot for you, they’ll lay down their armour, drop their shields, and reveal their vulnerable side, crossing their fingers that you’ll handle it with care.


When someone loves you, they will support you in whatever capacity they can. They will support your dreams and aspirations, they will support you financially, spiritually, emotionally and otherwise.

They will always be proud of you.


When someone loves you, they will invest in you and bring the best out in you that they met you mentally, emotionally, economically etc. Love builds up.

Love or Attachment?

Try not to confuse attachment with love. Attachment is about fear and dependency, and has more to do with love of self than love of another. Love without attachment is the purest love because it isn’t about what others can give you because you are empty. It is about what you can give others because you’re already full.

Instead of falling apart, they are falling together. Two souls with but a single thought.

Two hearts that beat as one – In unity.


After diving into Reno Omokri’s wisdom pool, he dropped this truth bomb:

“No mask can stay on forever. Just wait, their true colours will shine through eventually.

So, hold off on that relationship, wedding bells, or business deals.

Keep the love alive but keep those peepers wide open. Time is sneaky – it reveals all. It unveils true love or shady lies.”

Your instincts might’ve whispered a warning, but hey, love can make us a bit blind, right?

Love is patient and love endures.

Keep that heart open, but keep your detective hat on!

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