By Lynnie Stein / March 23, 2020

Social Distancing

At a time when peeps are feeling particularly squeamish about germs, seeing someone swoop in for an unsolicited hug feels like watching a horror movie in slow-mo.

So what do we do … for starters, stow the handshake.

Alternatives like fist-bumping, on the other hand, spread significantly fewer microbes.

Bowing, waving, winking, and doing finger-guns are perfectly sanitary.

Pack your kombucha hand sanitizer if you are going to grab anything in public places.

Don’t be tempted to over purchase … because hoarding hurts us all.

Stand back to front so you are not breathing in my face .. and bums are good!!

Maybe this period of elevated anxiety will push us to be better neighbors, with a better appreciation of boundaries, and why a better understanding of improving working conditions is better for us all.

We will go back to growing a veggie garden, appreciating the small things in life, de-cluttering, appreciating a good book, family time, shared meals and conversation at the family table followed by music around the fire.

Slow down and smell the flower’s.

Love, Peace and virtual hugs to all! Xxoo Lynnie


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