By Lynnie Stein / October 10, 2022

Inner Child Work

Parenting your inner child from your current adult perspective is one of the most powerful growth tools. Before you begin your journey to healing, there are a few things your inner child needs to hear from you. In order to open up, they need to know they’re safe and they need to know your love (and understanding) for them is unconditional. Once these doors are open, you can take active steps toward your healing and empower yourself to reach out to those who can help.

We have to remember we are ALL the versions/ages of ourselves…

all at once…just with different layers and paradigms and understandings.

We have to show kindness, love and compassion to all versions…

  • not one is less worthy than the other
  • For anyone doing this it is a great method to visualize going in to your inner childhood home, greeting your child self at the door, sitting them down in the house somewhere and just talking about how they feel and what they need.
  • Give them everything they needed to hear back then, you can heal a lot of childhood wounds.

Nurture + Love

Often our inner child needs love and reassurance.

Speaking this way to ourselves, our inner child can help soothe negative feelings and create the feelings of safety they lacked. Guided meditations or visualizations often help, helping to envision yourself sitting next to yourself as a child and giving you the ability to hug and hold them.

You can also indulge your inner child by playing the way they want to, go to a park or amusement park, swing on a swing, watch a movie you loved as a child, colour, or do any other activity they’d enjoy.

Struggling to connect in your relationships?

An inner child who needs healing might play a part.

  • Are you wracked by hopelessness? Fears or anxiety that makes it hard for you to function or enjoy pleasure?
  • Many times, this can be traced back to childhood and the experiences that took place there with our caretakers and those who were meant to protect us.
  • When we resolve the pain of our pasts, we often find a better way to proceed into the future.
  • First, focus on accepting your inner child exactly as they are.
  • Communicate that they are perfect in their own imperfect way, and that they don’t have to “prove themselves” or reach some impossible standard of perfection.
  • Moving on from acceptance, let them know that nothing that happened to them in the past was their fault.
  • Children bear no responsibility for the choices made by adults, and that’s especially true for the inner child.
  • Take that burden from their shoulders and tell them that you understand they’ve always done the best they can to stay strong despite it all.
  • Cradle them. Kiss them on the forehead. Assure them that they’re safe, and that you see and hear them in all their pain glory.
  • Give them the unconditional love they’ve always deserved and in that unconditional love empower them to discover a new safety in a happiness.
  • You can heal your inner child, but you have to do it in love and compassion.

Your inner child is ALWAYS inside of you.

You carry it around wherever you go because he or she lives in your heart.

When the inner child is abandoned by its father or mother, discouraged, or not ‘acknowledged’ by parents when you were young. But also cheated on or rejected by a loved one… Then what happens?

What does the inner child do?

The inner child says: ‘I will shield myself from feeling anything for anyone. I do NOT want a serious, loving relationship because loving someone means getting abandoned or turned down. Caring for somebody will cause me pain, depression and even illness.

Of course you’ll keep on living and you‘ll move on, but your inner child will be there forever, protecting you from new possible heartbreak.

What happens when you connect, meet, see (even through internet) a possible long-term partner?

The inner child awakens (as a huge force of energy), already in fear of losing that person in the future. Will she leave me for another man? Will she turn me down, when my heart is wide open for her? Will she be mean, arrogant or bitchy? Will she get ill or maybe even die? Your  inner child, has become so scared of all you’ve already gone through, that the slightest form of affection for anyone can trigger it’s alarms. It has nothing to do with your new crush by the way, this new wo(man( could well be the love of your life!

Eat glitter for breakfast & shine all day

  • Once you have reassured your inner child of your love, look them in the eye and tell them that what happened was not their fault. Let go of all that guilt and all that shame.
  • Children are innocents, and there was no way for you to fully understand who you were or what you wanted.
  • You were innocent, and anything beyond that lies on the shoulders of someone else.
  • Much love to all
  • What is the one thing you most want to say to your inner child today?

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