By Lynnie Stein / January 15, 2022

Implementation Weekend

In this month’s Implementation weekend

(Jan. 15 -16) we will work on creating your gut loving tool kit.

I just know you will love this month’s campaign, and that you will be able to start the new chapter of your book to getting your gut all gorgeous and living a wonderful life with sustainable food supply.

So make sure to join live or watch the replays THIS WEEKEND, without delay.

Above is the first live from The Gut Club…recorded in beautiful sunny Nth Qld 6.30 am.

Grab your cabbage, salt and bottles and we are off on your journey…

Session #3 of the Implementation Weekend for January 2022
Your Gut Loving Tool Kit is probably all done, right? You are so close to storing your garden harvest (Make Gut Healing Goodness for 2022) with it!
Click here to access a replay of session #3
Click here to access a replay of session #2
Click here to access a replay of session #1
Click here for a replay of intro Jan Gut Club
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Big love and bacteria,

From my heart to yours.

With all my love & gratitude. Xo,

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