By Lynnie Stein / July 23, 2021

How To Start An Online Business

The no – experience-needed guide to start your own digital income stream or side hustle.

Here is a system to help you discover and unlock that potential so you can put it in service to a life you love. As you do, you bring your highest contribution to our world.

Making Money with Your Passion

You were created with unlimited potential

• If there’s one lesson I learned, from the last 2 years of lockdown etc, was that spending time with family and friends is not something to be taken for granted.

Another big lesson that so many of us learned?

How important it is to have another income stream?

Ideally, a digital income stream

• The other lesson I sadly learned from loss – 4 years past my partner passed away. Richard de Largie D’Alton – a man with so many genius zones.

• He passed in regret that he never got to leave a legacy for his children….here are some of his drawings.

• Leave your gifts as a legacy and share them with the world. Xo,

1. Start with your niche

• What is your genius zone?


• What is your topic?

• Your story gives you credibility

• Your pain makes you relatable

Turn your mess into a message.

• Pain into a profit.

• You did not get lost – It is a process.

• Shift your mindset.

• Mind is an action – we must control it!

• Impact the lives of students.

• The Right To Be Rich

Either make money or make excuses!

“Whatever may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich.”

“The Science of Getting Rich” Wallace D. Wattles
Published in 1910 by Elizabeth Towne Publishing New York.

As Wallace himself says, trust and believe.

• Whatever you want in life is right there waiting for you

• When the door of opportunity knocks – act!

• There is nothing wrong in wanting to get rich.

• The desire for riches is really the desire for a richer, fuller, and more abundant life; and that desire is praise worthy.

• Transformation is a process.

• Crisis and opportunity meet.

Mainly you need to:

• Take action instead of thinking about taking action

• Let go of perfectionism (or other common excuses)

• Celebrate your achievements

• Forgive your mistakes

I have a destiny: to build a legacy

Preparation: the worst day of your life is the day you would have become.

Decide: You must master your own life.

Change money mindset.

• I have a desire.

• Make money or make excuses.

• Money is an inside job.

• Finish what you start.

• Where your focus is today, your future is tomorrow!

• Today is a day of I want an outcome.

How to earn money to help people.

• Less than 5% of the population becomes financial independent.

Think & Grow Rich

• Never promote a man who cannot follow instruction.

• We are programmed from the moment of conception.

• We pick up what we are taught as children.

Build a new paradigm.

• Pick your mind until it manifests.

Money needs to circulate to create wealth in your life.

  • More than enough is my new standard.
  • It’s safe for me to have unlimited amounts in my bank account.
  • Abundance is always available to me, and money is an unlimited resource I can tap into at anytime.
  • I am worthy of having what I want & if others can have it that is proof that I can have it too.
  • I am a money magnet.
  • For every dollar I spend double flows back to me.
  • I follow my heart and follow where I feel called. I choose to live in the now and stop waiting for the future.
  • Everything always works out for me. I always get what I want.

Willingly give and graciously receive.

  • You cannot give too much away.
  • Happiness is not so much as having as sharing.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Master of My life

  • Write your goal on a card and always carry it with you.
  • Breathe in prosperity.
  • I am abundant.
  • I am worthy.
  • I am going to change the world.
  • Build a company that operates all over the world.

We should be the star of our own movie.

  • Is it kind? Is it true? Is it helpful?
  • Start now!! Live like the person you want to become. Walk, talk, and act.
  • Goals: Program into your self-conscious mind.

Share your message with the world!

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars, to change the world.”


Your dream has the power to change the world.

  • Impact the lives of students
  • Right now, think about the people who will be impacted because of your decision to pursue what matters most to you.
  • Literally see them in your mind’s eye and see how their life will be different because you went for something so much bigger than you ever imagined.
  • The thing is, that dream is not your dream.
  • It is a request to you to discover the strength, the passion and the patience that is designed into your very being.
  • However, it is only when you reach for what seems like the impossible that you discover just how magnificent you truly are.
  • And as you discover that, you unlock a power that truly changes the world.

Put the information out there!

  • No body grows alone!! Group mentality – Elevate out of fear into love.

Here is how it is for you to help others:

  • What would change if my decisions and actions were aligned with someone who already has the business design, lifestyle, and income that I desire?


I am …

  • I am confident, strong, powerful, greatness, fortunate, committed, optimistic, healthy, successful, wealthy, generous, kind, and invested in continuous learning and growth opportunities.


I believe …

  • I believe that I can achieve anything I desire.
  • When I do work that inspires and fulfils me, I make the world a better place.
  • Neither “success” nor “failure” means anything personal about me.
  • They are simply indicators of what is or is not working in that specific moment in time.
  • FAIL – first attempt in learning
  • NO – next opportunity!
  • FEAR – false evidence appearing real.
  • Stop taking advice with your fear. Fear is an enemy.
  • Stops you from learning.
  • Our world is in the grip of fear.
  • Break out of fear.
  • Fear of future.
  • Fear of making money.
  • Fear stops you from learning.


  • Rewire my mind to have peace when there is trauma around us.
  • Deal with toxic patterns.


  • Mind is different to brain. Goal of greatness. Use mind to control brain.


  • Use mind all the time.


  • MIND – our greatest tool can be our torture.
  • Have a beginner’s mind.
  • We cannot control events and circumstances – you can manage it!
  • I AM WORTHY of receiving all good things.
  • I AM AWARE you can only be in the present moment if you are aware.
  • I AM GRATEFUL Welcome magic and wonder! Excellence and every blessing.
  • What I seek I have.
  • I accept love and give.
  • I am student & I teach.
  • How I think and feel matters.


  • I deserve to be paid $100 / hour or more for the services & expertise I provide.
  • The more money I make the better I can do in the world.

Money is an exchange for value for value.

  • The world needs more compassionate, smart, generous, kind-hearted people like me to be wealthy & successful.
  • Everything I create has value.
  • I am going to change the world. I do not need to know everything to be successful.
  • I just need to know more than my ideal clients.
  • The work that I do helps past versions of myself to become their highest selves.
  • My success inspires other to pursue their dreams.
  • The only people whose opinions matter to me are those who love and support me.

ABUNDANCE is my birth right!

  • I have either learned how to market or I have hired someone who is Genius at marketing.
  • I have excellent time-management skills and know what to prioritize and when to achieve my desired results. Entrepreneurs often start as a one-pony show, doing everything and taking care of everything but eventually for the business to grow, I need to hire a Rockstar team that loves what they do and are good at what they do.
  • My money mindset is constantly improving, and I have learned how to invest wisely.


  • I dedicate time each day to the tasks that will make the greatest impact and those tasks get done first.

What can I do to take my business forward today?

  • I am not going to do it if it is not going to get me results.
  • I exercise, eat healthy, meditate, journal, and have fun every single day.
  • I follow my JOY and listen to my intuition.
  • I speak …. I consume ….
  • I speak my truth without censorship or worrying about what others will think because I know that my vibe attracts my tribe!
  • I consume primarily inspiring, educational, & uplifting content.
  • No wasting hours of my time on social media.


  • I surround myself with positive, intelligent, funny, kind, inspiring, loving, & supportive people.
  • I spend time with happy people, devour good mood food and adorableness therapy.
  • I lose the TV remote.
  • I have a distraction-free place to work in my home.
  • I am surrounded by beauty and inspiration.
  • My bank account always has —– in. I have more money than I can ever spend.
  • Abundance is always available to me & money is an unlimited resource I can tap into at any time.

I am worthy of having what I want.

If others can have it that is proof I can have it too.

I follow my heart and follow where I feel called.

I choose to live in the now & stop waiting for the future.

……. Seeking to ……

I am an intuitive wellness coach seeking to help woman who are in the second stage of life & wanting to get in better shape, have the best gut feeling, with mental clarity, self discovery & create epic relationships!

Here is how it is going to help….

support a healthy system.

  1. Total transformation in 63 days! Action – do limited amount of time for 63 days. Mind healing needs 3 cycles of 21 days.
  • Learn how to break your own worst routines. Combining occupational therapy-based strategies. Occupations are all the things we do to occupy our time. So, each week of the course we focus on a topic related to a specific occupation.
  • Such as nutrition and hydration, Intuitive food preparation, Sleep, sex, movement etc.

About & why?

  • OTs improve quality of life.
  • So much more than weight loss, a better relationship with one’s body, improved mental health, to feel confident, empowered and connected.
  • Rediscovery of self, through roles, habits & routines that impact everyday life.
  • The key to our survival as a species is our ability to use past experiences to predict what is going to happen next.
  • Our most valuable tool is goal-directed learning – the foundation for making habits.

People do not decide their futures.

They decide their habits.

And then their habits decide their futures.

– F. M. Alexander

Who I want to be –

  • I am …
  • I am …
  • I am …
  • This is it – It is my Life.
  • It is time to stop ignoring those Divine nudges you keep receiving and (finally!) give yourself full permission to take your first step with what you know on a soul level is TRUE for you.
  • Everything always works out for me.
  • I always get what I want.
  • Of course I can have what I want.
  • I have more ….

What I want is on it’s way

  • Don’t think of what is missing in your life.
  • Ask & it is given.
  • It’s on it’s way. (Tattooed inside of you!!)
  • Let us do this!

Love and blessings,


Business Plan

Write your brand story!

  • Why are you doing this?
  • And why is that?
  • Who are you, what do you do and who do you do it for?
  • (e.g.: I am an X who does Y for Z.)
  • How did you get here?
  • What was the spark of inspiration?
  • What is the story behind the story?
  • How do you want people to feel when they meet your brand?
  • Why do people come to you? What do they need that you can provide best?
  • What makes you different to any other?
  • What does your brand do better than anyone else?
  • What do people always come to you for?
  • Who do you want to reach?
  • What have other people already said about you/your brand?
  • What do you believe in?
  • What do you know for sure?

Brand Personality Word Cloud

Keep the words that resonate with your brand, delete the ones that do not:

  • Authoritative Informative
  • |Playful Active|
  • Professional Planner
  • | Opportunist Indoors
  • | Adventurous Outdoorsy
  • | Artistic Creator
  • Calm Caring
  • | Earthy
  • Impactful
  • | Elegant Goddess
  • | Trendsetter Function
  • | Style Bold
  • | Flowing Sweet
  • | Substance
  • | Pastel Thrifty
  • | Luxe Feminine
  • | Masculine Vibrant
  • | Calm Minimalist
  • | Detailed Graceful
  • | Gritty Homely
  • | Worldly Corporate
  • | Boutique Nourish
  • | Indulge Realist
  • | Dreamer Niche
  • | One size fits all Gloss
  • | Matte Preppy
  • | Edgy Passionate
  • | Conservative Flirty
  • Serious Layered
  • | Stripped Nostalgia
  • | Future Small steps
  • | Big jumps Pretty
  • | Classic Heart
  • | Head Heart
  • |Sleek Polished Inspiring
  • | Retro| Revolutionary
  • | Scholarly
  • | Romantic Fiction
  • | Direct Humorous Entertaining
  • | Friendly Fun Personable|
  • Any other words? Write down any other words that have sprung to mind just now:
  • A solid brand voice helps to differentiate you from your competition.
  • Everybody knew that cool teacher, and they never confused him with the dry teacher.
  • He carved out his own space and reputation.
  • That is exactly what you are trying to accomplish with your own brand and your own unique personality.
  • Draw your tribe in with communication – and keep them coming back.

What is working?

Take note of what is working for your favourite people.

What do you love about their emails? Subject line. Intro. Copy. Call to action.

•2 kinds of emails

  1. Simple, straightforward case studies that is shared stories from past students
  2. Invitations to live Q & A calls where you simple answer questions about the program

Your ideal client:

• What does he or she do?

• What does he or she want?

• What challenges does he or she face?

• What does he or she expect form your brand?

Where are my people gathering?

Be consistent. Refine and Polish.

•No matter how critical your message is, it loses impact if you do not communicate it in a way that resonates with customers.

•Creating and refining.

•We listen to Oprah’s advice about relationships; however, we probably do not want her providing instructions for a brain surgery.

•Let your message stick, after all, nobody wants to be the boring teacher!

How could I let them know about me?

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

Business Plan

Business Name: 

Business Address: 

Phone Number: 

Mobile Number:

Email Address: 



Website Details: 

Business Plan

Date Prepared: 

Prepared By: 

The Business
Registered Business Name
Business Structure Select
Business Owner  (Why do you want to run a business?  What skills & experience do you have?)
Business Overview  (What is your business?  What are your products/services?  What are goals for the first 6 months and longer-term goals?)

Make sure goals are SMART goals: Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely

  Short Term Goals (3 Months+):  Goal:  Steps to Achieve:  Success Measure:    Medium Term Goals (6 Months+): Goal:  Steps to Achieve:  Success Measure:    Long Term Goals (1-2 Years+): Goal:  Steps to Achieve:  Success Measure: 
The Market
Customers  (Who will buy and pay for your products/service?  How often over the next 12 months?)
Competition  (Who else is doing a similar business in your location?  What will you do better?)
Advertising & Promotion  (How & when will you tell customers about your business?)Type of Advertising  (What form of advertising will you use?)Marketing Plan  (Where, when how often?)
Communication  (How will you & your customers contact each other?)
Pricing  (How much will you charge? How does this compare to others?)
Distribution  (Where, when and how will you sell?)
SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Strengths and Weaknesses are internal to the business. Opportunities and Threats are external and relate to the business and its competitors)Strengths (What are you good at doing for the business?)Weaknesses (What can’t you do very well that you might need help with?)
Opportunities (What do your competitors do not do well that your business can do better?)Threats (What are your competitors good at that they will be able to do better than you?)
The operations
People  (Do you need staff? What are the different job roles?)
Location  (Where will the business operate? Do you need to lease premises?)
Trading Hours  (What hours will your business be available? When will be the busy times?)
Production  (How will you make your products or supply services?)
Quality Control  (What will you do to ensure your products/services are consistently provided?)
Plant & Equipment  (What do you have to operate your business? What else do you need?)(What equipment do you have already?)(What equipment do you need?)
Stock  (What do you need to start and grow your business?)
Suppliers  (Who will be your main supplier/s?)
Seasonality  (How will seasons impact your business?)
Protecting the Business
Risks  (What could go wrong in your business? How will you respond?)Risks:  (What can go wrong?) Controls:  (How can I stop this happening or minimise the impact?) 
Legal & Licences 

Insurance  (What policies do you need to protect you, your customers, your employees, and your business?)
Memberships & Affiliations  (What associations do you need or are helpful to join?)
Training  (What training do you and your staff need?)
The Finances
Invoicing/Payments/Receipting (How will your customers pay you & how will you pay suppliers?)
Refunds & Warranties  (What will be your refund/repair/exchange policy?)
Credit Policy  (What will be your credit policy for customers?)
Banking  (What bank accounts will you use for your business? How will you manage your tax & GST obligations?)
Recordkeeping  (How will you keep records and manage your business finances?)
Capital  (Do you need to borrow money to start or grow your business? Will you be contributing funds?)

Share your message with the world!

  • The most effective launch plan is the one you can actually implement.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

How to really write a book

Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.

–Mark Twain

  • Every year, millions of books go unfinished.
  • Books that could have helped people, brought beauty or wisdom into the world.
  • But they never came to be.
  • And in one way or another, the reason is always the same: the author quit.

40 Days To A Finished Book

40 Days To A Finished Book

Why what the marketing gurus are teaching isn’t actually marketing at all, is fundamentally wrong, and might even be illegal!

What REAL marketers do instead and how it can help you grow your business the right way!

How the online marketing industry is headed for a huge wakeup call, what that is, and how to make sure you’re ahead of the curve.

… and more!

BOM Live

Everyone has a story to tell. To leave a legacy and impact

• You were created with unlimited potential.

• There is a system to help you discover and unlock that potential so you can put it in service to a life you love

As you do, you bring your highest contribution to our world.

40 Days To Create + Sell Your E-Course

40 Days To Create + Sell Your E-course

Do you wish you didn’t have to do social media?

Perhaps this is a trap you’re currently stuck inside of or trying to escape, but from the view you currently have, you see no way out..

Do you wonder if there are better ways to build your business that don’t require you to have to throw your best content into the blackhole known as, “The Wall?”

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t need to log on to social media everyday?

Alternative ways Leonie has discovered to grow a 11 million dollar business & prosperity (without the need for those social media shenanigans).

If you have been wanting to press the “Evacuate Social Media” button,
 then this $97 course will come as a breath of fresh air and omen from the Universe, that you don’t have to give these big tech companies your private information, content and advertising dollars to build the business & lifestyle of your dreams.

High fives for more freedom!

Marketing WITHOUT Social Media

Marketing Without Social Media Workshop

You wanted to do something that lit you up, made you happy, didn’t feel like a grind and allowed you to have an impact.

You started a business because you didn’t want to have a job.

• Instead, you’ve discovered that what you’ve created is a job that feels like the stressful job you got away from.

What’s worse?

You can’t even blame your boss! The boss is now you!

This isn’t what you expected when you set out on your entrepreneurial journey.

Instead of making an impact, you’re stuck in a constant cycle of overwhelm, procrastination and perfectionism.

The mistake that so many entrepreneurs make is listening to someone else instead of themselves about what sort of business they should have.

When it comes to building a business that YOU want and love, you need to check in with one person first & foremost: YOU!

• But if you’re like most entrepreneurs I know, you’re listening to everyone besides yourself tell you how to structure your business, what kind of business to build, what kind of clients to serve, what kind of product to offer and even if you should scale your business.

Leonie has built an over 11 million dollar company from humble beginnings and shares in her very own unique beautiful easy to comprehend way.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Sales Star Masterclass

Sales Star Masterclass

You wanted to make the impact.

Now that you’re on your own, you need to fully understand how that unique way of thinking is your money-maker and how it changes people’s lives.

And you can’t look to someone else to figure this out. Leonie Dawson will share how you can better serve your client base while being true to who you are.

Have greater clarity and confidence moving forward in your business, even your personal life.

Money, Manifesting + Multiple Streams of Income

All Leonie’s Courses

Your dream has the power to change the world!

The thing is, that dream is not your dream.

It is a request to you to discover the strength, the passion and the patience that is designed into your very being.

However, it is only when you reach for what seems like the impossible that you discover just how magnificent you truly are.

And as you discover that, you unlock a power that truly changes the world.

Leonie Dawson will give you the tools you need to put the information out there!




STOP!! Sales Gimmicks are not marketing. NO LURKING!

NEED TO LEARN: How to fish where the fish are!

  • Mastering Marketing … marketing and selling are not the same. What you sell is implementation.
  • *Effective marketing makes selling obsolete.
  • The right offer in front of the right person at the right time.
  • There will always I can assume be need for some selling. But the aim of marketing is for the product to sell itself!
  • CREATE your own blue ocean.
  • Not finding – creating!
  • Searching is wrong.
  • The go to in my niche.
  • Do the work!
  • COMMIT to lead an audience.
  • CONNECT with your audience.
  • CONVERT your audience to buy.
  • Listen to market- holistic marketing – build relationships.
  • Create irresistible product’s that meets existing demand.
  • Build a brand not a infomercial – so 1950’s
  • RECOGNITION so peeps purchase multiply times.

Build a business people want to get behind.

  • FRAMEWORK – What we do to build the business
  • STRATEGIES – tactics overall approach
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!


  • For example, let’s say you need to make $120,000 per year or $10,000 per month to replace your full-time job.
  • If you charge $10,000 per client, you only need 12 clients in one year (assuming expenses are zero).
  • If you charge $2,000 per client, then you need 5 clients per month. Unless you have $1,000 in expenses every month, in which case you’ll need a 6th client every other month to meet your bottom line.
  • $397 online course – 15 people per month + $100,000
  • 25 books @ $11
  • Also keep in mind whether you do one-off engagements vs. repeating revenue. If your package pricing is $1,000 every month per client and your goal is $10,000 per month, you need ten clients to hit that goal.
  • One more thing — don’t pull these numbers out of thin air.
  • What did you charge for the offer you’re now specializing in?
  • Your fee should be the same (or a bit higher, if you have good reason to think you could have charged more).
  • Product must solve existing problem in target audience.
  • I only make money selling a course – not creating!!!

Make a Plan to Find Clients
Not everyone will come up with the same number.

But when you’re done, you’ll have:

  • Target audience.
    Chosen offer.
    Price for the chosen offer.
    Target # of clients to quit your job.
    Make a client acquisition plan.
  • Here is an example plan to find 10 clients.
  • You can adjust it based on whether you need more or fewer clients.

This plan has three phases.

Here is the summary:

  • Phase 1: Word of mouth/referrals.
  • If you’ve already provided your chosen service to a few clients, then you should be able to find one or two more just from referrals.

  • Phase 2: Go on a podcast tour.
  • This will get you somewhere around seven more clients if you have a high-ticket offer.
  • For lower-priced, you’ll get more than seven clients from this exercise.

  • Phase 3: Do webinars with your best podcast partners.
  • This will get you at least two more clients.

  • Remember that the exact numbers you get may be different from the plan.
  • This is only an estimate to get you on the right track.

Phase 1: Get Referrals From Existing Clients

  • Don’t make this complicated. It’s the simplest of the three phases in your plan to get 10 clients.
  • Let’s say you’ve chosen to offer compliance consulting to paediatricians.
  • You’ll audit their systems to make sure everything is HIPAA compliant, while helping them do so as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.
  • Email or call every paediatrician’s office you’ve offered this service to.
  • And say something like this:
  • Hey Sally, I really enjoyed working with you. It was great that we were able to [get key result for them]. I’d love to help other paediatricians in the same way I helped you.
  • Do you know anyone who might be interested?
  • And if they say Yes, ask them to make an introduction:
  • Awesome, thanks Sally! Is it too much trouble to ask you for an introduction? I’m sure it would mean a lot more coming from you than if I reached out as some random weirdo on the internet. ??
  • Customize these notes to make it feel natural for you.
  • But the basic step that most consultants skip is to just ask.
  • It’s good to remind them of the results you got for them (if you have something concrete to point to), but the key is just to ask.
  • If all goes well, you could end up with your next client this way.
  • The specificity of your offer is important here.
  • You’re not offering vague help; you’re asking past clients to refer you specifically to people similar to them for the work you did.
  • How exactly the math shakes out depends on things like how many clients you’ve done this for, how good you are at closing sales calls, and how strong your relationship is with your client base.
  • For example, if your close rate on referred clients is 33%, and you’ve done this work for two clients, then you need each one to introduce you to three people to get two new clients.

Phase 2: Go on a Podcast Tour

  • What is a podcast tour?
  • It’s where you find podcast hosts who cater to your target audience and get on their shows.
  • Say you’re the efficiency consultant who’s targeting rapidly growing tech start-ups from our earlier example.
  • You want their founders to know who you are and what you do.
  • So you Google “podcasts for tech start-ups” and see this:
  • “Podcasts for tech start-ups”
  • Boom. ??
  • Most interview-format podcast hosts are dying to find people to talk to on their shows.
  • They have an ever-present need for new content.
  • You and your knowledge about organizing tech start-up teams are their new content.

Here’s what you do:

  • Make a list of 50 podcasts with audiences that overlap with your target audience.
  • The goal is for their listeners to be your best-fit clients.
    Pitch the podcast hosts.
    Go on every show that says yes, which should be around 50%
    Mention your consulting service in the first five minutes of the show.
    Make sure the episode includes a link to your site and a call-to-action for your offer.
    Watch the new business roll in.

Phase 2 will take most of your 90-day trial period.

  • After you’ve gone on 20-30 podcasts, you should have at least seven more clients.
  • That number could be higher or lower depending on your specific target audience and how strong your offer is.

Phase 3: Hold Webinars with Your Best Podcast Partners

  • But assuming you get seven, that leaves two more to reach our job-quitting goal of ten consulting clients.
  • And that means it’s time to break out the webinar.
  • You get in front of your best-fit clients, teach them something really useful, and invite them to learn more by joining your email list and scheduling a one-on-one call with you.

  • Now you have a complete plan to find your next 10+ clients. Go do the thing. And when you exhaust your temporary specialization, pick another one. Rinse and repeat.

Step 4: Execute the Plan! (And Avoid These Mistakes)

  • But while you’re at it, avoid these rookie mistakes:
  • Relying on 1-2 clients for all your income.
    Leaving your current job before you have consistent income.
    Waiting for clients to come to you.
    Abandoning your temporary specialization too soon.

Mistake #1: Relying on One or Two Consulting Clients

  • If you can replace your day job income with a single consulting gig, do you really have a consultancy?
  • Or are you the equivalent of a full-time employee with a new job title and self-employment taxes?
  • It’s tempting to take a big check from a big company and stop looking for more clients.
  • But even the best clients don’t stick around forever. Do you really want to sit around waiting for one of your only clients to leave? Can you take an income hit of 50%… or 100%?
  • The best way to protect your income is to have four or more clients at any time. And to do enough marketing to add to that number whenever you need.
  • Your job is to craft an offer with the right balance of price and fulfilment effort so that you can juggle a healthy roster of clients and stay sane. ??
  • If your consulting work is really time-consuming, maybe it’s time to found a consulting firm or at least pick up some freelancers to help you manage the workflow.
  • Mistake: Quitting Your Day Job Before You Have Consistent, Repeatable Income
  • A full-time job is a blessing. I don’t care if you hate the hours, the manager is mean, or it bores you out of your mind. Take that biweekly check to the bank. And spend your evenings and weekends building your business sustainably.
    As soon as you have a few clients and know you can keep getting more, feel free to give your boss a two week notice.
  • Mistake: Waiting for Leads to Find You
  • I don’t care how perfect your LinkedIn page is; you won’t get enough work to grow your business if you never do the work to get in front of your target audience.
  • Occasional cold outreach isn’t going to cut it, either.
  • Follow the steps above and you will have consistent leads every month. But you won’t get them if you treat consulting as a low-priority side project.
  • Mistake: Expanding Your Specialty Too Soon
    Some people are cool with the idea of a temporary specialty. They figure out one offer, and they calculate how many clients they need. But it all falls apart when they land their first two or three clients.
  • Why? Because they get too excited. And they want to try something new. So instead of systematically getting better at that one offer while moonlighting, they add in two or three more specialties and try to go after all of them at the same time. Then they burn out because they’re trying to do too much at once.
  • For example: Say you help real estate agents put together a lead generation strategy. Then a lawyer asks you for help, so now you do lead gen for lawyers, too. Then a different lawyer asks you to write an e-book for them, so now you offer that service on top of the other two … and so on until you’re offering five different things to five different clients.
  • “This is cool” (cartoon man easily holding a tray with one ball on it).
  • “OK bad idea, I’m overwhelmed” (cartoon man trying to balance a tray with 6 balls on it).
  • Don’t do that.
  • Give your chosen offer at least 90 days. Depending on how much time you have to spend on your regular job vs. your business, it may take longer. Stick to the plan until you have enough clients from that offer to work full time.
  • Then, it’s up to you to decide when to add in another one. For some niches, you’ll only ever need the one. For others, you may need one or two more. Just make sure you’ve given yourself enough time to grow a stable consulting business before switching your focus.
  • Want to Skyrocket Revenue Over the Next 90 Days?

  • Getting interviewed on podcasts is one of the simplest ways to drive warm leads and sales to your business.
  • No matter what you sell online, you can use this as a blueprint to do the same.


  • Google reviews – ASK
  • SEO – Optimise website & blog posts – rank higher in search engines
  • Trade Shows & Exhibitions
  • Have a stall – participate & network
  • Networking Events
  • Sell from the stage – Live / Zoom Speaking
  • Press release

  • Press interviews
  • Write for magazines, newspapers & website
  • Referral – encourage word of mouth
  • Incentives for word of mouth – refer to affiliate program
  • Competitions
  • Local businesses – google account – claim google account
  • Newsletters – flyers – brochures
  • Showcase bestsellers
  • Recommendation cards
  • Signage
  • Local Chamber of Commerce & Toast Masters
  • Data driven marketing – test what works
  • Podcasts – the day of the life….
  • Nominate for awards
  • Competitons
  • Consider deal/coupon sites
  • Bring a friend for free
  • CTA on everything
  • Free samples
  • Frequent buyers rewards program
  • Send birthday cards & vouchers
  • SWAG
  • Charity events
  • Free Business listings
  • Free trials
  • Niche print marketing
  • Seasonal & occasional events
  • Deadline
  • Funnels
  • frequent buyers reward
  • Online booking system
  • #1 PRIORITY – get peeps on mailing list
  • Provide awesome value & nurture people
  • Marketing Plan – release new course
  • launch every 2 months

Website content

Interview me button

  • FAQ,
  • How To Hire Me
  • Glossary
  • How much it costs
  • Industry Secrets
  • What is it like to work with me
  • Display knowledge
  • Before & Afters
  • How do I help people
  • What made you choose this work
  • Mission statement
  • About + Contact me
  • Products /Shop / Services

How to build a list of engaged subscribers using giveaways

Online events

  • Facebook is a great tool for people to find events in their surroundings, and for you to promote your event and get in those search results.
  • If you create an event on Facebook, make sure to require a signup via URL, not merely a Facebook RSVP.
  • Otherwise, you’ll miss out on email signups.
  • Additionally, you can promote the event in a Facebook post and add the link in the description.
  • Keep the link short and sweet.
  • Like it ? Share it with others!

Refer a Friend


Invite subscribes to invite friends and that’s all there is to it.

Sign up and download a free e-book

You can tap into this psychology by offering an incentive for people to join your email list.

For example, they could enrol for free in your online course, get a special discount, access an online event, or download a printable workbook.


No SPAM ever! Read the privacy policy

Everyone loves a good competition!

  • You could share an even bigger prize for a few lucky winners (selected at random) who sign up to your mailing list.
  • Giveaways can also be an opportunity for growth, for example by asking entrants to tag three friends in the comments section once they’ve signed up.

Host a giveaway

Include some FOMO

  • FOMO (fear of missing out) is another huge component of the human psyche!
  • Make it clear that you have exclusive content on your newsletter which people will only be able to access by signing up.
  • Just make sure that they understand exactly how this content will add value.
  • By holding some special content back for your marketing emails, you’ll motivate people to subscribe to avoid those FOMO vibes

Ready to share the love?

  • Once you’ve worked out how you’ll draw people to sign up for your newsletter, you’ll need to ensure that people are finding your sign-up forms.

Offer FREE stuff

Step 1.

Check whether your Facebook page needs a refresh

When was the last time you updated your Facebook business page?

As the digital business card of your company, you have to make sure everything looks picture-perfect.

Quickly check whether your Facebook page elements could use a refresh.

Profile picture
Cover image
About section (are the opening times, phone number, etc. all up to date?)
Photo album

Tip: Do you have videos you’d like to feature? Use the spotlight section to highlight a panel of videos at the top of your page.

Step 2. Add a signup form tab to your Facebook page
This is an easy step that’ll take only a few clicks to set up. Using the Facebook integration, you can embed a MailerLite signup form in a separate tab on your Facebook page.

Step 3. Create a signup landing page (with a lead magnet)
The signup form you created in the previous step is good to have, but not ideal for promotional purposes. The sharing URL can’t be changed and the design possibilities are very limited.

Therefore, it’s better to create a separate landing page for people to sign up. Before you create one (with MailerLite’s landing page builder), think about:

The audience you’re targeting
What narrative would convince them to sign up
Is a lead magnet necessary to convince them?

With your ideal target audience in mind, you can create a strategy and write better targeted copy.

One way to motivate people is through lead generation.

This strategy entails offering things like a lead magnet, also called freebie.

It’s like a small present that people receive as a thank you for signing up.

It could be anything from a checklist, a downloadable guide or access to a recording or course.

If you’re not sure what your freebie can be, check what others in your sector are doing or simply ask your existing audience what they need from you.

Step 4. Link the call to action button to your form

As a last step, don’t forget to link the call to action (CTA) button to your signup form URL.

Now let’s talk about the thing that you came here for: Email list building with Facebook.

How to grow your email list using Facebook

There are paid and organic strategies to grow your Facebook email list, and we’ll cover tactics for both of them.

When you find a group filled with people that match your ideal audience, this can be a great place to promote your newsletter or offer.

Depending on how targeted the group is, you might just see all your potential customers gathered in one place.

But, don’t get too excited. This approach needs effort and patience. You can’t barge into a group and shamelessly promote your landing page.

Groups and online communities

To find Facebook groups, enter fitting keywords in the search bar. Then check for the number of members and activity rate (how many posts are published per day). It’s also worthwhile to check comments, both for engagement and to get a feel for the group’s vibe.

Make sure to engage with people and build meaningful connections, and then promote (only when it’s relevant for the discussion). When in doubt, state this in your message (“I’m not sure if this is allowed, so please feel free to remove this message”) or contact the admin beforehand for approval.

Who doesn’t love a good giveaway? It’s the oldest trick in the book, but it still works—as long as the prize is enticing enough for people. If you’re using a Facebook giveaway to collect email addresses, make sure that people have to sign up (and not, let’s say, only share or like the message to win).


Tip: Pin the announcement and update your cover photo to promote the contest for as long as it’s running.

Facebook is a great tool for people to find events in their surroundings, and for you to promote your event and get in those search results. If you create an event on Facebook, make sure to require a signup via URL, not merely a Facebook RSVP. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on email signups.

Online events

Additionally, you can promote the event in a Facebook post and add the link in the description.

Keep the link short and sweet.

Newsletter preview

Anyway, to convince people that your newsletter is worth it, show them a preview.

Give visitors an insight into what’s in store for them by posting a newsletter web URL or redirecting them to a landing page.


  • This strategy isn’t necessarily Facebook-only—it works well in general.
  • By partnering with a brand that has a different or bigger audience than yourself, you can successfully gather new leads. Partnerships can be anything from a mention in a post to a joint webinar, event or giveaway.
  • Podcast : Create Content
  • At least 2 pieces each week
  • Consistent Line (help people)
  • People will listen
  • Long content & batch
  • Tuesday (long)
  • Thursday (short)
  • Friday (interview) / Live


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