By Lynnie Stein / April 17, 2020

Health Hacks

You don’t have to make drastic changes to instantly improve your well being.

Consider these little tweaks that can have big impact.

* Start the day with water and a dash of lemon / gut-loving fermented brine … fermented brine from your ginger, turmeric and lime.

* Stretch … after warming up, stretch every part of your body to help maintain lifelong flexibility.

If you love how it feels, consider tuning into YouTube or online for a daily yoga or Pilates class.

You have an exercise routine, right? If not, see the next point.

* It you’ve stopped being active or never started, it’s never too late to start. Begin with 10 minutes twice a day of walking and build up slowly to the recommended 30 to 45 minutes of moderate-intensity activity most days of the week and muscle-toning activities twice weekly.

Can use a Fitbit Versa to access exercise apps.

* Spend some time away from social media

* Stretch and meditate before bed … Use Fitbit Versa’s Sleep Tracking to get deeper, more regular rest so you can boost immunity and your body’s repair rate.

* Eat without distractions

* Switch and swap … sugar, processed food … that is a no-brainer

Poor food choices, viruses, parasites, caffeine, alcohol consumption, antibiotics, NSAIDs, and bad bacteria can cause damage to the gastrointestinal tract, leading to increased permeability or “leaky gut.”

This “leaky gut” means instead of foods being broken down, absorbed, and eliminated, partially digested foods can cross through the damaged area of the intestinal lining and enter the blood stream directly.

Healing and sealing the gut lining will allow your body to build a strong immune system and produce the right amount of neurotransmitters for the best ‘gut feeling’ … to be well again. How do we do it?

1)Remove, 2) Repair, 3) Restore, and 4) Replace

* Add a fresh juice to your day… A combo of ginger, apple and cinnamon can boost liver function, while blended carrots and parsley will pep up energy.

* Detox … in a small saucepan simmer a chopped bunch of parsley with added cinnamon, covered in water. Strain and enjoy warm or cool throughout the day for a couple of days.

* Get up if working at a desk

* Use your bath or shower to relax. Add chem-free washes or organic oils containing lavender, ylang lying, frankincense or other appealing natural fragrances.

Throw some Epsom salts into the bath to increase the body’s supply of magnesium, essential for the health of bones and muscles.

* Switch off crime shows and switch on a comedy. Laughter creates nitric oxide in the body, relaxing blood vessel walls for heart health and sets off chain of feel good chem’s.

* Crank up your fave tunes and dance in your lounge.

* Practice forgiving the obnoxious ex or colleague, the supermarket toilet paper hogger and the demanding boss. Research shows anger, resentment and frustration produce health-destructive chem’s.

* Learn the skill of relaxation to help manage stress. Spend 10 minutes morning or night doing a guided breathing session so you can improve your nervous system from fight or flight to heal and repair mode.

* Remember Love is the answer … I love me … I love you


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