By Lynnie Stein / November 30, 2018

Go Naked

Have you had a healthy dose of nakedness today?

Go face to face with your skin.

Sleep naked, drink your morning cuppa in the buff.

Give yourself a full body scrub work-out …

Buy the cheapest bottle of triple distilled Vodka and a box of aluminum free bi-carb soda.

Mix together in a jar with a lid, until a putty consistency.

Hop in the shower and rinse the body.

Then turn off the shower and scrub your entire body with this wonderful putty.

Can use a natural body brush, mitt or loofah.

Scrub head, face, arms, legs, everywhere.

You may get an itch in certain spots – focus on these areas.

Feel your skin and the underlying tissues.

Here’s the naked truth: getting comfortable with your own nudity not only provides great pleasure, but also allows you to recognize changes in your skin – changes that might require medical attention.

Get back into the shower and rinse off.

That’s it.

Go into the sun for 20 minutes. Depending on how much sun you can handle at first. Then just build up from there. Sun or no sun your skin will be loving how open and clean it is. Cleaner than it has been in years.

This will take the workload off your other organs and keep you healthy and beautiful!!

What are you waiting for? Go get comfy and love the skin you’re in.


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