By Lynnie Stein / August 1, 2022

Happy Simplicity with Future-steading

Here are bite sized tips for the concept of future-steading and living a simpler life. When you pare back the noise from the stuff you acquire, what’s left is what matters; when you focus your energy on what remains, these treasures thrive and become your true wealth.

Why Simple Living is Sacred ?

If you were to leave your life today and pack only the things you truly need, without a doubt you would have a light load.

Take comfort in (Simple Living):

Simple recipes & re-purpose left-overs & scraps

We could write poetry about Mum’s soup, great pots of leftover everything boiled up
with the bones from Sunday’s hot lunch, plus whatever was available from Dad’s
vegetable garden.

Simple clutter-free homes simple schedules


Simple pleasures

Simple expectations

Everyday stuff forms the brick of our existence:

dancer pose yoga at the beach


sniffing fresh herbs

feeling the sun on your back

hearing the song of a frog or magpie

green frog on small boy

snapping and eating fresh peas

having a chat with a childhood friend

It’s not always easy to keep things simple (simplicity often comes after complexity).

Survival for a family on a budget can be very difficult, or a vision of life beyond narrow materialism.

However, the more we set our sights on simple, the less we need to seek the elusive state of balance.

It’s not only a kinder and more joyful way to live, but it’s also pretty darn liberating.

A from-scratch childhood pre-set my adult inclination

My parents grew up in the difficult years following the war, when everything – including
money – was either scarce or non-existent.

I have often given thanks for the lessons in frugality, which I learned from my parents,
who never bought anything if they could make it themselves, or threw anything away if
it could possibly be used again.

What are your simple pleasures?

bubble bath and candles

Here are some of mine…
Sit with a memory that makes you smile.
Make your presents and be proud to give them.
Read books aloud to each other.
Make kefir from fresh, raw milk with the cream still on top.
Eat snack plates on weekends.
Light your favourite candle and give thanks for life’s bounty.

•Unplug & eat a meal at a set table
Have a bath with a friend.. not a spa, but a bath. Wear a swimming costume and take wine or beverage of choice!
Laugh out loud, right from your belly. If you have a partner – There’s no better feeling than laughing with the person you’re in love with.
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milk kefir grains


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