By Lynnie Stein / October 12, 2018

Happy 14th birthday to my amazing son

Neil Postman wrote, “Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.”

Looking at Thierry, I know my message is safe within his kind heart, thinking and reasoning mind, marvellous sense of humour, patient and tolerant nature and his love of food. 

Along with the learning, I have shared (especially ‘kraut and kefir crafting) Thierry carries the lessons, I have learned – and they are, by far, the more valuable of the two.

  • 2nd July 2004 … Time passes way too fast, although sometimes it feels like yesterday we were having baby cuddles.  It doesn’t seem too long ago when mama was 14.
  • People were more important than technology.
  • We didn’t have television, except holiday time in the big smoke.
  • We would lay across the backseat or on the car floor or on a mattress in the back of a Ute, with a canopy and entertain the travelling traffic with hand stands.
  • Most homes didn’t have a telephone.
  • News of the day was limited and we would cheer on the Melbourne cup winner Saturday at the local movies.
  • We were the real ‘free-range’ kids.
  • We would walk, ride our bikes or horses to socialise.
  • Not a helmet to be worn and ‘fronties’ were common on a bike and the horse bus was amazing. How many kids could fit on the back of one horse?
  • Jumping out of trees into creeks.
  • Coming home when it was dark.
  • The only thing blown up was Rhoda’s letterbox on cracker night.
  • Adults were called by their titles.
  • We would stand when a teacher entered a 40+ classroom and you didn’t dare step out of line, as 6 of the best would follow.
  • Shops were closed by noon on Saturday and re-opened on Monday.
  • Sunday was special – the smell wafting from the kitchens.
  • Family would come together for lunch and sit at a set table and finish with tuning into Life with Dexter.
  • Our footprint was small as nothing was wasted.
  • Not a wheelie bin to be seen.
  • Sunday lunch was enjoyed for many days from fritters to soup.
  • Sunday night left-overs, normally accompanied by song and music instruments.
Happy 10th birthday to son
  • May these upcoming teen years be filled with love, fun, growth and adventure.
  • Trust yourself.
  • I’ve been nattering in your ear for 14 years now and I think I’ve given you all of the tools you need to help you make good decisions.
  • I’m not saying I’m done…not at all…in fact, far from it!
  • But, I have great faith in you.
  • I’m proud of you.
  • You’re going to make a lot of mistakes and I’ll be there with even more love, encouragement and advice when you do.
  • Trust yourself…as much as I trust you.
  • Happy 14th Birthday to my wonderful, thoughtful, generous, hilarious son.
  • You truly are an amazing young man.
  • I love you, Mum.

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