By Lynnie Stein / May 3, 2021

Gut Goddess in 10 minutes

Here is a speedier path to fermentation, also a fun and gut loving path.

10 Foods

10 for $10

  • 10 Foods
  • 10 Ferments (made in less then 10 minutes)
  • 10 Videos (follow along with The Gut Goddess)
  • 10 Downloads (step by step instructions)
  • 10 Tips
  • 10 Testimonials
  • 10 Transformations
  • 10 Day Guarantee
  • 10 Out of 10 for Fun


The only problem is?  You don’t know where to start

• Struggle to find time and keep motivated?

• Not sure of the correct containers and technique to use

You will learn the artistry

and alchemy

to make fermented foods at home.

Starting with 10 easy & quick,

step by step recipes.

Plus medicinal,


and healing!

Hi I am….

Lynnie Stein AKA The Gut Goddess! I love to plant the seed. That seed will bloom and give fruit. You will share it with others. The next generation will continue the cycle. The wonderful art of fermentation will never be lost!!!

Introducing 10 for $10 Course

Easy to access on your phone, computer or tablet.

Lynnie Stein, Creator of The Gut Academy

Where we take out the confusion of fermenting, giving you the tools you need to start getting the results you want.

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to ferment 10 foods to 10 ferments in less then 10 minutes for ONLY $10


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