By Lynnie Stein / October 12, 2018

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Every time I feel my belly button, I feel great gratitude that I have a navel. Through our belly buttons, not only can we connect with ourselves, but we also gain the wisdom to see the earth as an extension of ourselves.

“The road to health is paved with good intestines!”

― Sherry A. Rogers

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“Almost nothing influences our gut bacteria as much as the food we eat.

Prebiotics are the most powerful tool at our disposal if we want to support our good bacteria – that is, those that are already there and are there to stay.”

― Giulia Enders, Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ

“If there’s one thing to know about the human body; it’s this: the human body has a ringmaster. This ringmaster controls your digestion, your immunity, your brain, your weight, your health and even your happiness. This ringmaster is the gut”
― Nancy Mure

“Every time I feel my belly button, I feel great gratitude that I have a navel.

I’m grateful to be alive, I’m grateful that I’m connected with the incredible life force of the universe, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I am receiving the blessings of life energy.

The gratitude and humbleness I feel before the great cycle of life automatically fills my heart to overflowing.”

― Ilchi Lee, Belly Button Healing: Unlocking Your Second Brain for a Healthy Life

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