By Lynnie Stein / October 27, 2023

Growing up, I never knew a relaxed woman

Successful women? Yes. Productive women? Plenty. Anxious and afraid and apologetic women? Heaps of them. But relaxed women?

At ease women? Women who aren’t afraid to take up space in the world?

Women who prioritise rest and pleasure and play?

Women who give themselves unconditional permission to relax – without guilt, without apology, without feeling like they need to earn it?

I’m not sure I’ve ever met a women like that.

With the wand of creativity, I banish the shadows of anxiety, ushering a serene calm in its wake.

But I would like to become one.

I would like us all to become one.

In the cosmic dance of life, there is no need to hasten or glitter. The true magic lies in embracing the essence of one’s being, unencumbered by the expectations of others.

Guided journal that helps you find calm amidst the chaos of anxiety… The Serenity Within Me

Unleash the power of your thoughts and emotions through diligent tracking and management.

Stress is often caused by monkey chatter, frustration, or being overwhelmed by an excessive amount of tasks and thoughts.

Overcoming Anxiety through Journaling: A Step-by-Step Guide If you’re feeling anxious or stressed, try this simple journaling exercise to help calm your mind. Here’s how it works: Grab your journal and find a new page Start writing down everything that’s causing you stress or anxiety Ask yourself questions such as: What’s causing me to feel this way? What can I do to alleviate these feelings? Write for as long as you need to; there’s no limit to how many pages you can use By writing down your thoughts and feelings, it’s as though you’re talking to a trusted friend and venting your emotions. This can help you feel like you’re “getting it all out” and relieve some of the tension. Give it a try and see how it works for you!

Transitioning from Fear-Based to Love-Based Decisions When making decisions based on fear, try to reframe them from a place of love and compassion.

Ask yourself, “What would love do?” and write down your thoughts again.

Choosing to act from a place of love rather than fear can make a significant difference in how empowered and in control you feel about your decisions. Remember, it’s the intention behind our actions that ultimately determines our success.

In the chrysalis of despair, hope unfurls its wings. For when the caterpillar believed the world to be ending, it transformed into a butterfly, soaring the skies with newfound grace.

At its core, healing is a means of overcoming fear and finding peace.

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