By Lynnie Stein / October 24, 2018

Plum Pudding

Wish you could try Great Grandma Eliza Rose Epple’s Pudding.

Apologies to veggie friends – contains organic bone marrow. We also make frozen, raw vegan Pudding for the festive table.

Grandma Epple’s Pudding uses the sourdough process made over a period of three days.

Over time transforming to deliciously dark, richly indulgent, fruity, moreish festive flavour and slightly bitter.

Must be the perfect antidote to all that has passed.

Organic fruits are soaked overnight in ginger and turmeric Tibicos.

Additions of grated carrot, apple and sweet potato with grated frozen bone marrow.

Plus generous additions of festive spice, and a dash of orange extract.

Served hot, doused with warmed brandy and set alight.

Teamed with a pear poached in a syrup of elderberry and juniper + Kefir cream, brandy butter or whisky sauce.

Grandma would make puddings in January.

A great time to prepare puddings and reflect on the coming year.

Love and bacteria Xxoo Lynnie

Recipe included in our Christmas eBook.


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