By Lynnie Stein / December 14, 2023

Fix Emotional Abuse

Recognize Emotional Abuse: Uttering words of love while simultaneously harming someone and breaking their heart is emotional abuse. It’s time to put a stop to it.

Remember: You can’t change people. They are who they are. They can only change for themselves.

You can’t heal the people you love.

Sadly, you can’t fix your loved ones. You can’t take charge of their decisions either. You can give them your word that they won’t travel solo. You can even lend them your compass. But, this adventure is theirs to conquer.

Oh boy, let’s talk about the dating game. Sometimes it feels like finding a good man is harder than finding a needle in a haystack. Some dudes just don’t seem to value women-what’s up with that?

It’s high time we tap into our emotional side and start setting some boundaries.

But let’s be real here: actions speak louder than words. Don’t get stuck waiting for your ex to make a move. Take back your power and make the decision to move forward. Sometimes relationships are meant to end and that’s okay; something better is on the horizon. If you’re dealing with emotionally healthy (aka not toxic) people, then setting boundaries should be a no-brainer. They’ll respect your values and try to improve. But then there are the other folks-those who don’t give a hoot about boundaries. That’s when you need to get firm with yourself. Value yourself enough to walk away from abusive behaviour and cut ties with anything that’s not serving your greater good.

It’s time to take control and swipe left on toxicity.

We often fall for partners who tick the tall, hot, or successful boxes, but that’s like blindly trusting the surface! These qualities don’t guarantee safety, compatibility, or a happy forever after.

So, what should we really seek in a partner?

Someone who’s a rock star at regulating their emotions, knows themselves inside-out, can handle tricky situations with grace, and walks the talk of personal integrity.

It’s like finding the secret to a happy-ever-after treasure map!

Living Life to the Fullest: A Motivation to Embrace Love your life – it’s the only one you have.

Capture the moments you cherish, show appreciation towards the ones you love, and take risks that make you feel alive. Too many of us depart without leaving a meaningful impact, so create a lasting legacy by writing a book or doing things that make your heart sing.

What did you love to do between the ages of 5 -16?

What did you aspire to be? As a kid, I dreamt of being a can can dancer. I blame my granddad’s workshop wall, which boasted a massive framed picture of the Moulin Rouge ladies. When most girls were dreaming of being nurses or flight attendants, my aspirations raised a few eyebrows in primary school!

In teenage years I loved to write poetry and entertain my cousins and neighbourhood friends – What is a turd? it goes round many bends to find its friends and it is heard that at the sewerage you can find a turd.

Take your life and make it the best story in the world.

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