By Lynnie Stein / July 3, 2023

Fertility & Birthday

What’s in sauerkraut, for fertility?

Polyamines …

Research has shown very old mice doubled and tripled their ability to conceive on a diet high in polyamines.

As humans age, the ability to make polyamines decreases because the enzyme that makes them (ODC) decreases. Polyamines are proteins made from amino acid building blocks.

At the age of 33 a woman’s natural fertility starts to decline, and by the age of 40, only around 20% of women can fall pregnant naturally.

Polyamines are completely natural and essential for cell renewal and essential to male and female reproductive systems and to embryo development.

Their absence is characterised by infertility and arrest in embryogenesis (embryo growth).

My sauerkraut baby turned 19 – July 2nd 2023

July 2nd 2004 my most precious gift…Thierry


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