By Lynnie Stein / April 9, 2021

Fermenting Tribe

It’s as if the garden, therapy, and a poetry slam were all weaved together into one life-giving, soul-enhancing experience.

Don’t carry on alone … your tribe is waiting for you

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With Lynnie Stein…I love cultivated food, wild ferments and other bacterial transformations. Because it just tastes so good and is so much fun to prepare. I contribute the love to an amazing sauerkraut making grandma – Matilda Augusta Stein.

Join in the fun and let’s ferment together!

Terms: $7 / Month

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What People Are Saying

Lynnies depth of knowledge is beyond belief and makes the process so simple to put into action straight away.

Happy tummy’s all around here. Thank you.

Anna Sheed

Counselor, Betterminds

It shows you have a lifetime of experience

Ann Nelson

Author, Ann Nelson: Retire Well, Retire Happy

Lynnie guides you with her fermentation wisdom, loving support, and kindness on how to love ya guts!

Samantha Jurgens

Holistic Therapist, Nature Kids Club

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