By Lynnie Stein / October 15, 2018

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Downloadable recipes to replicate in your own kitchen.

Prices are for within Townsville, Nth Queensland, Australia. Outside this area, we charge a travel fee. We also offer our tropical home and garden as a venue. ABN 57405640596 Liability Insurance, Blue & Yellow Card, Criminal History Check

Sharing the skill of fermenting in the school classroom, home, event, shop, group, occasion (birthday, hens party, etc.)

Brews + Brush (Artistry + Chemistry) A fun way to celebrate, combining with a local artist.

Prices are based on 10 people, though groups can be as small as you choose.

Fermentation Series: These 3 hour classes can be taught as a series, or individually. 

If taught in a series, choosing at least 3 is recommended.  (Inquire about series pricing)

  1. Intro to Fermentation: get all the basics in one class: Fermenting vegetables, dairy, non-dairy, beverages, vinegars and treats.
  2. This class will provide you with an overview of basic fermentation techniques, without delving too deeply into any particular area. 
  3. Great for groups that are novice fermenters or just require a push in the fermentation direction$600)
  4. Vegetable Fermentation ($600)

Learn the ins and outs of vegetable fermentation, not only how it differs from vinegar pickling, but also how it can be a part of a healthy diet!

We’ll explore


Sauerkraut Juice / Sauerkraut Saft / Fermented cabbage juice

Vegetable Tonics Kimchi Pickles

Tsukemono Relish Chutney

Pesto Garlic Ginger Turmeric

Grape Leaves + in season produce and wild food

As well as some special tips on how to mix it in (the fresh + the fermented) and create foods with maximum quality, texture, and flavour!

  1. Hands-on Fermentation: This class is very adaptable to the particular demands of students.
  2. Supply your own organic produce and Fido / fermenting crock and beverage bottles ($400)

Apple Cider Vinegar

Coconut Vinegar

Scrap Vinegar

Drinking Vinegar / Shrubs

Preserved Citrus

Vietnamese Salty Lemonade


Tibi / Water kefir


Ginger and turmeric bug (Ginger Beer)

Sweet Potato Fly + more

+ Take home cultures to get you started!

  1. Dairy Fermentation: Ever wondered what people did with their dairy before refrigeration?  This class will give you all the answers, as well as teaching you all the incredible things you can create with 1 liter of milk.  You’ll leave knowing how to make cultured butter, cream cheese, buttermilk, variety of cheese and ice cream and more.  ($600)

Milk kefir +Viili + Cultured Cheese and Butter + Smen + Coconut Yoghurt + Nut Cheese + Treats

Milk Kefir, Quark, Creme fraiche, Butter, Ice cream

Smen – Moroccan butter

Coconut yoghurt, nut cheese

Cacao, popped buckwheat treats + more


Kids in the kitchen / preparing healthy food that kiddos will enjoy / what to pack for school lunch etc.

Gluten-free baking + the gift of fermentation

Fermenting in Season:  This 3 hour class will teach us how to eat from our larder, something our great grandmothers wouldn’t have had to think twice about!  Not only will you learn tips and tricks for what to do with fermented food, but we’ll also review basic plant life cycles, so you can finally go grocery shopping armed with the knowledge of what’s actually in season!

Preserving YOUR Harvest: fermenting from our own backyard.

Grains + Grass, Seeds, Pulses, Legumes, Nuts, fermented soybean products (miso, natto, tempeh), mammals (high meat, beef jerky +), Creatures of the deep (fish sauce, +) Life in the shell (lacto fermented eggs) calcium + mineral rich vinegar + broths.

Fermentation around the home : garden, household cleaning, skin care, pet care, no waste, left-overs

One on one tuition available – in your kitchen or our garden and home – fill the pantry and fridge with foods that will be ready to make easy meals on the fly and safe foods to stock for cyclones.

Interested in any of these classes?  Need more information?  .

A business based on slow growth and community support.

What People Are Saying

Lynnies depth of knowledge is beyond belief and makes the process so simple to put into action straight away.

Happy tummy’s all around here. Thank you. Anna Sheed

Counselor, Betterminds

It shows you have a lifetime of experience Ann Nelson

Author, Ann Nelson: Retire Well, Retire Happy

Lynnie guides you with her fermentation wisdom, loving support, and kindness on how to love ya guts! Samantha Jurgens

Holistic Therapist, Nature Kids Club

Thanks Lyn. Each time I go I remember a little more. I’ve picked up some good tips for healthy Christmas snacks. Anne

I learned so much and can’t wait to try some of the recipes. It was an absolute joy to watch you speak about your love for fermented foods and to share your knowledge and bounty so generously. You truly did share with us the “Gift” of Fermentation. Claire


For every class / course, Lynnie Stein will provide a warm meal to a child in need. We have partnered with local non-profits to provide underprivileged children access to nutritional food. Millions of children face hunger every day, and Lynnie Stein is committed to ensuring children everywhere don’t go to sleep hungry.

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