By Lynnie Stein / January 27, 2019

Dog Kit

Arriving home from holidays. We were excited to see our home, garden and fur babies. Cassie our beautiful re-homed American bulldog greeted us in pain. After a swim in the dirty river, she came down with a nasty ear infection. Being late at night and no vet’s to be heard. We went to the fermenting first aid chest.

First diluting our very own ACV (apple cider vinegar) with pure water and immersing in a swab and lightly swabbing out the brown gunk. Followed by doing the same with mixed organic coconut oil and fermented crushed garlic + the brine. Another go during the night and early morning. The red ear was back to pink and all the yuck gone.

We added crushed fermented garlic and brine to Cassie’s fresh, foraged, cooked and raw mixture of food.

Thank you amazing fermenting first aid chest.


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