By Lynnie Stein / October 12, 2018

Fermentation Alchemy


The ancient Greeks understood important chemical changes took place during fermentation, calling it “alchemy.”

Liken to a magical art aiming at the spiritual transformation of the Alchemist.

“He used alchemy to turn lead into gold” or “We used LAB to turn cabbage into a blessing”.

Turning waste into resources is like turning common metal into gold.

It is all about changing one thing into another and combining ingredients to create a new substance.

The new substance will have entirely different chemical properties and behave in a different way.

So, what is this F word all about …. We would have to be living under a rock if we have not heard the good gut-loving news about fermented food.

Basically, our role as a human is small … our job is to provide the right environment for the good beasties to turn the good food into super-duper great gut-loving food.

The best description without being ‘sciency’ is … the good bacteria pre-digest the food for us.

Working like an outside gut!

Probiotic flora also continue their relationship with us by moving into the large intestine and by establishing colonies, aid in the elimination process.

They also produce vitamins such as B1, B2, B12, and Vitamin K.

Let us take our hearts for a walk in the forest and listen to the magic whispers of old trees …You cannot buy the right atmosphere or a sense of togetherness.

You cannot hygge if you are in a hurry or stressed out.

And the art of creating intimacy cannot be bought by anything but time, interest and engagement in the people around you.

The word hygge hails from Norway. It is translated loosely meant well-being.

The Danish adopted the word as their own and they embody the hygge lifestyle.

Danes are among the happiest peeps and they attribute their happiness in part to hygge.

How do you describe it in short …?

It is an outlook on life that focuses on simple pleasures and taking the time to cultivate more of them in your life.

It is when you give your body, mind and spirit a rest and enjoy the good things in life, like a sunrise or sunset, reading a book in front of a crackling fire, taking the time to savour a delicious mug of gourmet tea, and spending time with good food, friends and family around a table without tech disruptions.

A way of life that makes sure you live your life in a way that brings deep contentment to your soul.

Sometimes the outer things in life (money, power, success) are not what will make us happy.

Encouraging us to discard what does not bring JOY.

Finding the balance between getting things done and learning to schedule downtime is what we all need to live happy-centred days.

Your gut will love it here!!

 Love and bacteria, Xo, Lynnie


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