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You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers.

Sharing my knowledge and experience with you is my passion!

The Gut Academy Life courses to change the course of your life!

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• How to ferment + group • Mentorship Program

Rapid-fire FAQ’s?

Let’s go!

1. What is it you do again?

I help you decondition through an intuitive path and return to independence, and vibrancy of your own heart and I love doing it!

Part of the journey is how to ferment my grandma Matilda Augusta Stein’s food the proven step-by-step way!!

2. And how do you do that?

By helping them build specific and strategic “The Gut Academy systems” into their lives.

It’s as if the garden, therapy, and a poetry slam were all weaved together into one life-giving, soul-enhancing experience.

3. What is The Gut Academy Create ?

The Gut Academy Create is a unique group that helps peeps aged 45 + who are in the second stage of life and wanting to get in better shape, have the best gut feeling, with mental clarity, control their lives and create epic relationships!

4. Got it, so how exactly does it work?

Such as helping you: to inspire you to grow healthy and live fully;

Learn how to break your own worst routines. Combining occupational therapy-based strategies. Occupations are all the things we do to occupy our time. So, we focus on a topic related to a specific occupation.

Such as Nutrition and Hydration, Intuitive Food Preparation, Sleep, Sex, Movement etc.

(just to name a few)

5. And what is in The Gut Academy Online Fermenting Course?

With The Gut Academy Fermenting tutorial you are getting the complete, proven step-by-step system for how to fermentation & strengthen immunity. Complete hand-holding. Knowing exactly what to do (and what not to do) based on years of my personal experience of teaching many peeps to do the same.

inside I will cover…

  • How to ferment almost every type of food (regardless of time and budget).
  • The complete Strengthen Immunity blueprint. PLUS with enrolment you will get access to: Bonus over 30 eBooks fermenting library and gut planners and monthly book club with live ? & A

6. How long will I have access to the goodness in The Online Gut Academy?

When you buy The Online Gut Academy course, you get lifetime access.

This is NOT an annual payment or something that will require you to shell out more money down the line.

You get access for as long as the Gut Academy exists

Forever is a hard concept because, you know, that’s like trillions of years (at least according to “How The Universe Works”).

I can’t promise you access that long, but you will have access as long as the Gut Academy is around.

If I decide to shut the Gut Academy down, I will give you at least 30-days notice and give you the chance to download all the guides, books and all the video instructions.

So, in essence, you’ll have access for as long as you want.

7. Got it! Will this “work” for me?

We give you the tools you need to give you the results you want. You will learn to safely create fermented foods the step-by-step proven way. Turn those ferments into inventive dishes that will knock your socks off. Prevent and reverse chronic illness, Inc. type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

8. Do I get everything right away? Immediate Access

9. If I have a question that comes up during the course, how do I get it answered?

You will get exclusive access to the private Group. No question gets left behind. Monthly live ? & A

10. I am already so busy. How much time will I have to spend to get this stuff done?

Depends on the individual. Go at your own pace, as long as you are moving forward.

11. Is there a guarantee policy?

Get Results Or Your Money Back Guarantee!

I’ve worked with many clients and seen them get HUGE results.

And I know if you do the homework, you will get results too.

So I’ll offer you this guarantee… if you go through and don’t see results… I’ll give you your money back.

So you can make this purchase with peace-of-mind knowing that you’ll get a great return on your investment!

12. Do you update the course, if so do I get updates? Yes, And once you are a member, you get lifetime access to the course and all future content added to it!

13. What are special VIP bonuses? Over 30 eBooks covering the history of fermented food, introduction to fermentation (covering fermentation rules, tips, containers, everything you need to know) and how to ferment pretty much everything.

POWERFUL PLANNERS Get a gut check, meal planner, and food mood tracker bundle!

14. Anything else I should know?

Yes, there is. And it’s this:

I don’t think of you as a statistic.

I know you’re busy.

And distracted.

And everyone and their auntie is trying to sell you something.

So the fact that you’re here?

Means a lot.

Thank you for that.

Got more questions?

Honestly, no high-pressure sales stuff here. If you want to work with us, we would love to help you succeed!

No surprises.

I know trying to keep your gut healthy is a lot of work and information confusion.

Let’s fix all that.

Book a call now!

Talk soon, Love & bacteria, Xo

+61 407 168 776


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