By Lynnie Stein / August 5, 2022

Everyone needs a bit of Pre-Lovin!

Our passion is quality and our philosophy is sustainability.

The preloved clothing movement is growing

• Buying preloved not only saves you money, helps you stand out from the crowd, it reduces the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

• Globally, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry after the oil and gas sector.

“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness”

Mahatma Gandhi

In our Speed & Greed world we now have Fast Fashion

• Mass-production of cheap, disposable clothing.

• Countless new collections per year make us feel constantly out of date and encourage us to keep buying more.

De-clutter your clothing closet

• Only 20% to 30% of the clothes of most women’s wardrobes are being worn

The most environmentally sustainable jacket is the one that’s already in your closet…

— Patagonia’s Chief Product Officer Lisa Williams

I am very excited to bring my shop online, wishing to share the passion and hand-picked items with more and more lovers of pre-loved designer quality fashion.
I invite you to look at my collection. I will be adding more.
I hope you will enjoy browsing!
Thank you for visiting!


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