By Lynnie Stein / May 10, 2021

Edible Bouquet

Eat your Mother’s Day flowers
Today, was the first Mother’s Day, for my mother, without my dad.

We reminisced about how one Mother’s Day, dad woke early and planted a flower garden, blind folded my mum and lead her to the garden and said you eat these ones too! 

Dad’s mother, my beautiful grandma (Matilde Augusta Stein) would make rose water by steeping the petals in hot water and straining.  She swore it was her beauty secret – not just as a skin product – but to ingest.
Beautiful in chocolate cake frosting – like Turkish Delight! Lovely in drinks too!!

Then she would make pickled flowers.

If you haven’t had pickled flowers you are in for a treat – they taste like capers.  A gut-loving bouquet!!
Ferment Your Bouquet Recipe
Mother’s Day originated from humble beginnings in 1908 as a simple tradition to honor all mothers, living and deceased.

However, it did not take long for florists, confectioner’s and card companies to jump onboard and commercialize the day, much to the disappointment of its founder, Ann Jarvis.

Hope your week is filled full of beautiful bouquets with love and rainbows that light up the sky.

Love and bacteria, Xxxoo Lynnie

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