By Lynnie Stein / September 29, 2021

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Grown-up dessert – kefir cream cheese dumplings with rumtopf. In Germany, the idea of the rumtopf is after three seasons of adding seasonal fruit, by Christmas you have created a sweet, fruity, boozy concoction

In 3500 BC, the people of Sumer shook cream in a vertical churn. And butter was important enough to write about — records have been carved in stone. Butter was used not only in cooking, but in medicine, cosmetics, and even sacrificial worship rituals.

The aroma of Smen is considered especially magnificent: a particularly aged pot of the family smen may be brought out of the cellars for honoured guests to sniff. The smen represents the riches of the house. The older “vintage” (six years or more) is much smoother, with less of an edge in the nose.

Of course, butter that has not fermented at all is smooth, but aged smen has a sophisticated, stinky smoothness.

The recipes for making smen vary from family to family, location to location and kitchen to kitchen.

Here we have a modern, water bath version.

Toast to our Health

  • It is so easy to enhance any beverage with a blast of bacterial goodness. 
  • Beverages are some of the earliest types of fermentation produced by humans. Wine, beer, and mead are all fermented drinks. Beverages that have become such a detriment to modern health started out as health tonics. That is why you would see soda fountains in pharmacies. The sodas were a way of harnessing the vitamins and minerals stored in the roots or other plant matter and putting them into a tasty drink. 
  • Root beer (United States), ginger ale (Caribbean), kvass (Russia and Eastern Europe), kombucha (throughout north eastern hemisphere), Sima (Finland),  Tepae (South American rain forest), shamita (Ethiopia), Gamju (Korea), sweet potato fly (Guyana), munkoyo (Zambia), birch beer (United States and Russia), UbuSulu  and sorghum beer (Southern Africa), palm wine (West Africa), Tepache, Tesguino, Colonche and Pulque (Mexico), Posol (Maya) and Idli (India).

No Moo Fermented Milk. Infuse it with probiotic goodness by making coconut milk kefir / yoghurt that boosts your immune system by filling your body with healthy bacteria.

Why does your stomach feels like it’s tingling when you’re nervous or anxious?

The enteric nervous system—a complex and sophisticated network containing over 100 million nerve endings—lines your gastrointestinal tract. It connects your gut and brain.

A healthy microbiome can help to regulate the bacteria in other parts of your body, like your skin.

Gut Feeling: A big portion of your immune system is based in your gut.

Foods to Eat for Better Gut Health
Prebiotics: apples, artichokes, asparagus, barley, beans, broccoli, cabbage, cacao, flaxseed, garlic, leeks, lentils, oats, onions, whole organic wheat, green banana flour.

Probiotics: kefir), kimchi, kombucha, kvass, (learn how to make all this goodness at home), miso, pickles, raw/unfiltered apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut, tempeh, and yogurt (dairy or non-dairy).

Probiotics versus Prebiotics: Probiotics are live, active cultures (the good bacteria itself) that are thought to have health benefits and can help improve your body’s good bacteria. Prebiotics are non-digestible substances (such as non-soluble fibre) that promote healthful bacteria growth. They also serve as food for probiotics, so consuming the two together can make them extra effective.

Sometimes you have to kill the good beasties and make a sauerkraut chocolate cake!

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Love and bacteria, Xo, Lynnie

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