By Lynnie Stein / March 5, 2021

Dress with Kefir

Milk kefir combines for a beautiful dressing.

You can increase the quantities in proportions as desired.

Plain liquid kefir with a dash of spice or herb makes a simple dressing.

We often serve our salad dressings in a side dish.

Mix: 2 parts kefir cream cheese (any flavour) and 1-part liquid kefir, mix until smooth. That is, it.

Mango and lemon myrtle dressing

This is if you can bear to adulterate a mango.

We are lucky living in tropical paradise that we have more than we can eat whole.

Blend the pulp of 2-3 mangoes with 1 cup of kefir.

Add the juice of half a small lemon/ lime / lemon aspen and mixed spice or cinnamon and lemon myrtle essential oil to taste.

Serve with any salad, you might like to try one made with fresh dug small whole spuds, steamed broccoli flowers and sliced papaw/papaya.


Combine 2 cups of vinegar with 1 cup of garden herbs, best dried (1/2 cup dried herbs).

Loosely pack the herbs and vinegar in a jar and leave to infuse for about three weeks.

Use herb-infused vinegar with kefir for salad dressings.

Tahini dressing

Whisk 2 tablespoons home made tahini and ¼ cup water together until completely smooth.

Whisk in ½ small crushed fermented garlic clove, ½ cup plain kefir, Juice of half a lemon, ¼ cup oil, seasoning to taste

Will store in a jar in the fridge, up to one week.

Tofu dressing

Blend: 1 cup fermented tofu, ½ cup kefir, juice of half a lemon, 2 tablespoons oil, 1 fermented garlic clove, a little salt to taste.

Red capsicum dressing

Blend one small cucumber, peeled and diced and 2 large, red capsicums, coarsely diced, slowly add one cup of soaked sunflower seeds and approx. 20 * kefir sprouted almonds on high speed until mixture is thick and creamy.

Add 1 tablespoon of liquid kefir / kefir whey.

Best to pre-cool for 30 minutes before serving.

This mixture is best to use all of it at one sitting.

* The nuts take a two-day advance preparation.

The nuts are soaked in water with a touch of kefir overnight, next day rinsed well and left to sprout for a further 12 hours (on the counter) in a jar turned on its side.

Rinse well, if storing – can dry in the dehydrator or oven at low heat and turn occasionally until crisp and dry.

Love and bacteria, Xo, Lynnie

Dress With Kefir


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