By Lynnie Stein / October 12, 2018

Dog’s Fermented Food

Fatty Lipomas and skin conditions in dogs …

Are they a result of a toxic daily diet and toxic ‘health’ regimen?

What can we do to prevent this man-made inflammatory condition…

Fatty Lipomas, skin conditions – could the cause be ?: – Multiple toxins in the diet.

Toxins in health care regimen – over-vaccination, chemical-based flea-tick-heartworm preventatives – May also have exposure to environmental toxins – inhaled, absorbed through skin, etc.

Includes herbicides, pesticides, synthetic chemical residue from floor cleaners, road salt, air fresheners, toxic ingredients in grooming products, OTC and veterinarian prescribed drugs, etc.

Fatty Tumours form when the body is unable to rid itself of toxins via the body’s natural systems for toxin elimination – the intestines, kidney and liver.

When a dog is constantly ingesting toxins the kidney and liver are forced to work overtime to clear out unwanted substances from the body.

If the toxic load becomes too much for the kidney and liver to process effectively the toxins end-up remaining where they are not wanted – in the blood stream, digestive tract, etc.

The constant presence of contaminates in the body puts added stress on the endocrine (glands which secret various hormones to regulate metabolism, sleep, mood, etc.) and immune system in addition to the kidney and liver.

The body’s natural reaction – the next line of defence is to engage its largest excretory organ, the skin.

The body ‘captures’ the toxins and shifts them out of the way by storing the material in fat deposits just under the surface of the skin.

Our beautiful Cassie, came to us as a rescue.

We like to say Cassie rescued us!! Cassie had a skin problem and fatty lipomas. We were informed Cassie would require life medication.

We slowly changed her diet. Woohoo!! The be-gone and no medication required. Just good ole real food with a touch of fermenty goodness!!!

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