By Lynnie Stein / October 20, 2018

Menu Plan

By setting aside one day (or a few hours) per week for kitchen time.
For me, mostly, this is Sunday morning.
I make a few things for the week, including a grain or two (soaked Quinoa slowly cooked in chicken broth) and maybe beans and nuts (all soaked from the night before), 2 slow cooked organic chickens and start a bone broth or two.
Top up our sour food family with fermented chutneys, veggies, drinks, kefir ice cream and anything that inspires me in the moment. Make a batch of green banana flour. Prep bottles of salad and yum pots.
None of these things take much prep time, so you can prepare an impressive amount of food in a short amount of time.
Aside from staples, we pick things that sound easy, delicious, and are rewarding – dehydrated crackers, bliss balls, cake / biscuits, turmeric water kefir jelly, casserole, stew, kale chips, kombucha fruit leathers.
Freeze our own bananas for smoothies and ice cream. Top up kombucha containers.
Some Sundays, I make nothing at all, and don’t feel guilty about it because we always find a yummy meal to whip together on the fly.
Sunday time for relaxing, restoring and preparing for the week ahead.
May your week be filled with sunshine, laughter, love and cheers!
Love and bacteria, Lynnie xo

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