By Lynnie Stein / February 1, 2021

DIY Rose Water

DIY rose water and raise a glass of Water kefir and Kombucha for Valentine’s Day.

Rose Water Chocolate Tibicos / Kombucha

Rose Water Chocolate Tibicos / Kombucha

1 cup strained Tibicos (aka water kefir) or Kombucha. 8 drops rose water, 2 rose geranium leaves /4 dried rose buds, dash of cacao nibs. Combine all ingredients in a jar leaving around 2.5cm at the top and put the lid on. Leave at room temperature for 1- 2 days.

Rose Water

1 cup dried organic rose petals (must be chemical-free)

1 cup water

Add rose petals to a glass jar and pour over 1 cup of hot water. Stir and let infuse for 3 hours with the lid tightly fastened. During the steeping time remove the lid a few times to stir.

Pour the contents of the jar through a strainer and keep in the fridge for one week.

To store: pour into ice cubes to freeze and pull out and defrost as required.

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