By Lynnie Stein / February 1, 2021

DIY Fat Moisturizer

Hi Beautiful People…Are you ready for beef fat moisturizer?

Records show tallow was a main ingredients in skin balms during the 1800’s.

It doesn’t smell at all like beef once it is on your skin, it only has that distinctive fragrance when it is in the jar.

Why would I slather my body with beef fat, you ask?

1 1/2 cups rendered beef tallow
4 tablespoons sweet almond oil
1/2 teaspoons essential oil of choice – citrus is nice

Gently melt beef tallow in a saucepan over low heat until just liquid.
In a bowl, stir in oils.

Let sit until solidified but not firm.
Whip with an electric mixer.

It will turn light and fluffy and look like butter icing.

Pack into jars and store at room temperature.

Use twice daily on body, especially really dry areas – elbows, knees and heels.

You will notice a difference in just a week or two.

Feeling beautiful is part of being healthy.

When your body and skin are at their healthiest, you feel beautiful.

And, when you feel beautiful on the inside it increases your mental health which reflects in your physical health.

Sometimes, something as simple as a quote that reminds you that you are unique, special and beautiful can be the change that you need to change how you feel on the inside and look on the outside.

“And like flowers in the fields, that make wonderful views, when we stand side-by-side in our wonderful hues..
We all make a beauty so wonderfully true.
We are special and different, and just the same, too!
So whenever you look at your beautiful skin, from your wiggling toes to your giggling grin…
Think how lucky you are that the skin you live in, so beautifully holds the “You” who’s within.”

Michael Tyler, The Skin You Live In

“Ava Gardner was the most beautiful woman in the world, and it’s wonderful that she didn’t cut up her face. She addressed aging by picking up her chin and receiving the light in a better way. And she looked like a woman. She never tried to look like a girl. “

Sharon Stone

“You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.”

Coco Chanel

Feel free to weigh in with any of your fave quotes.


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