By Lynnie Stein / January 3, 2024

Crushing it on Social Media & Winning at Life

Hallelujah for social media! It was great to share my son growing up with relatives and friends who were far away. And the cherry on top? Reuniting with long-lost friends, family, and even meeting new buds from all corners of the world. I’m like a fly on the wall, watching their lives unfold and feeling like one of the gang. Cut to today, and my baby boy has blossomed into a talented young man crushing his career goals. *Proud mamma moment* Speaking of growth, I’ve pivoted to focus on biz, where I play Cupid to help others find their perfect match while spreading the gospel of fermented foods. But holy moly, my inbox is drowning in a sea of spammy messages that make me want to scream! Like seriously, who wants to hear from strangers telling them they’ll never make it or earn any moolah? Rude!

What’s the secret formula for success?

They said Oprah would never make it on TV. They said Beyonce’s singing was a no-go. But, oh boy, did these two stars prove the naysayers wrong! Then, I devoured Robin Williams’ biography and was blown away. He was a comic genius, a success in every sense of the word. Yet, there was a shadow lurking in the background, a darkness that didn’t match the man who made us laugh till our sides ached. After he left this world, his loved ones didn’t talk about his sparkling career, his awards, or the movies he starred in. Instead, they spoke about the way he impacted their lives, his kindness, and how he brought joy to so many with his incredible talent.

You can play the “Keeping Up With the Joneses” game, using fancy metrics like followers and book sales to show off your worth. But let’s be real, this game is a total cheat! You’ll always be chasing someone else’s shadow. Why not step out of the race and create solely for yourself? Who knows, your masterpiece might end up reaching millions! In a world obsessed with celebs and cash, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important–like values that matter. We should all take a moment to pause and ask ourselves if we’re heading down the right path. Are we focusing on the right things, or has our true north gotten lost in the rush for fame and fortune?

Create Some Magic Book Cover

Do you want to leave behind a legacy of ticked boxes and numbers, or a beautiful tapestry of memories and emotions?

A list of achievements or a list of lives touched?

A fat bank balance or a fat heart overflowing with love?

You’re not in a race to become the next Beyonce, Steve Jobs, or Oprah. In fact, trying to replicate someone else’s journey is like trying to sip coffee through a straw. It’s time to embrace your individual flair and gifts, and become the best possible version of yourself.

The world is waiting to be dazzled by your unique sparkle!

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