By Lynnie Stein / March 16, 2020

Crisis is followed by Victory

The Great Pause…Drop everything

  • I have wondered naively since childhood if we could stop to reflect on how we live and begin again.
  • For a week.
  • A month.
  • To stop the war and cavilling.

To end our anxiety and struggle

  • To feel how brief and fragile life is.
  • To know we live together or not at all.
  • I never thought it possible.
  • But is this that moment now?
  • Stay home.
  • Read, write, sing, cook, clean, stay healthy, love one and another, check on your mates and neighbour’s.
  • Help us win. No risk. No fear (false evidence appearing real).

We have forgotten how to live, how to love and how to be!!!

With fear brings love and love is the place we need to be.

  • Love is not only an action but it’s a place of being and knowing .. love is you…you are love…love is a frequency of light and uplifting.
  • We must respond. Together.
  • And count our blessings.
  • Gather ourselves in.
  • Then begin again!!!
  • Remember to breathe
  • The mantra that I find of huge help … I repeat as many times that is required, on rising in the morning and anytime you can use your inside voice. Press your hands firm against your heart.
  • I AM OK
  • Take a deep breathe “I am enough” “More than enough is my new standard”
  • Mute negativity
  • Do not tolerate negative intake – fight to stay positive
  • Move your body
  • 5 second rule – count backwards and take a big breathe with each count 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  • Build an optimistic mindset – pick a small 10 week goal – could be a personal project.

Big love, Xo, Lynnie


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