By Lynnie Stein / August 6, 2022

Conception Tip

What’s in sauerkraut to boost conception? Polyamines … Research has shown very old mice doubled and tripled their ability to conceive on a diet high in polyamines.

• As humans age, the ability to make polyamines decreases because the enzyme that makes them (ODC) decreases.

What are Polyamines?

• Polyamines are proteins made from amino acid building blocks.

At the age of 33 a woman’s natural fertility starts to decline, and by the age of 40, only around 20% of women can fall pregnant naturally.

• Polyamines are completely natural and essential for cell renewal and essential to male and female reproductive systems and to embryo/foetal development.

• Their absence is characterised by infertility and arrest in embryogenesis (embryo growth).

fermented foods in jars with Lynnie Stein, Gut Goddess Medicine in a jar
The amazing medicine in a jar – sauerkraut tonic & beet kvass & the traditional sauerkraut

• Good nutrition is vital for a healthy body and reproductive system and to help you become pregnant.

• Eating a nutritious diet including the probiotic rich, full of antioxidants (milk kefir & sauerkraut tonic) #fermentedfoods and making positive lifestyle changes can help boost fertility and prepare your body for pregnancy.

• Plus, it’s just helpful to you all around.

• If you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s important that you both begin making healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices today.

• However, don’t let anxiety, stress and worry get you down.

Talk to us to find the best choices for you.

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Our most precious gift … Thierry

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