By Lynnie Stein / November 11, 2018

Coconut Cheese

Magical Coconut Kefir cheese.

Living in tropical paradise, we are blessed with a plentiful supply of coconuts.

Kefir grains / prepared kefir can be used to ferment fresh coconut, milk and juice.

It really is a stunning taste sensation.

Strain coconut milk kefir (without the grains).

Line a sieve with muslin cloth.

Pour in and place sieve over a bowl to catch the whey.

Strain up to 24 hours for the best coconut butter / cheeze.

It will become firm on refrigeration.

Shape into little balls and roll in spices, sprinkle on sea spaghetti.

Use with kimchi and sauerkraut seed crackers, relish and  fresh and fermented vegetables as a substitute for cream cheese.

It will melt on high heat.

Add to zucchini zoodles with fermented salsa, smashed avocado and mint leaves.

Non-spiced kefir coconut cheeze is great as a main filling ingredient in a ravishing raw Vegan cheese cake. #nomnom

Here’s to good gut bacteria, Xxoo Lynnie

How do you love to use coconut cheese?


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