By Lynnie Stein / August 15, 2022

Client Testimonial – The Gut Academy

With permission I am sharing a client story with you so that you can gain insight into how we have helped others and in turn, how we can help you. Anna was struggling with gut health. She tried watching random YouTube videos, joined numerous Fermenting & Gut Health Facebook Groups, and bought books and courses. 

She tried it on her own. Until we taught her the Gut Academy System. Guess what happened?

How Anna Did

" When I first came across Lynnie, I was suffering debilitative digestive issues and was desperate to live a normal life. I can only describe it as destiny. Not only did Lynnie heal my gut she made our family daily food so easy and tasty. Lynnie's depth of knowledge is beyond belief and makes the process so simple to put into action straight away. Happy tummy’s all around here."
client testimonial - gut health - how to ferment
Thank you.” Anna Sheed – Counsellor, Betterminds.

The good news?

You don’t need to pay me $5,000 to get your gut gorgeous.

• The EXACT same information is in the Gut Academy E-course + Group. 

• PLUS, you will get 2 bonuses that even Anna didn’t get access to make things even faster and easier AND you will get access to the community, monthly implementation gut club & ask Lynnie ? & A

• All for a fraction of the price (and you get lifetime access…how cool is that?.) 

You don’t need to go through what Anna did with all the mistakes, wasted time and money. 

The EXACT same information is in the Gut Academy online course + support.

• This isn’t just another fermenting course- this is what my son and I live by.…and we just released a brand new module where we dive deep into how to start your plan for your gut healing goals.

• This is the course that keeps on giving!

• And once you are a member, you get lifetime access to the E-course and all future content added to it!

• When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to the entire how to ferment E-course which is made up of pre-recorded video modules, workbooks, and more!

You take it at your own pace, and you have lifetime access.

How to ferment + group

You in?

See you inside!

Love & Bacteria, Xo,

Here is the enrolment link if you haven’t checked it out yet:


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