By Lynnie Stein / December 18, 2019


You are not obligated to continue Christmas Traditions that leave you Broke, Overwhelmed, or Tired.


Memories are Priceless!
Chilling with good company, food on the Barbie, beverages, old tunes, and reminiscing
Memories of my grandparents, cutting of the tunnel after the Christmas dinner (roast turkey with apple and nut stuffing, brined potatoes, and red sauerkraut).

What a wonderful ritual!!!
The traditional meal was served on Christmas Eve. It was based on the stories not the turkey (came on the first day of Christmas), but herring salad … made from herring fillets, beetroot, pickles, onions, apples, potatoes, and eggs. Served with fresh bread or toast.
In the ritual of Christmas Eve, the gate of the tunnel after the herring salad was the great event of the evening. The tunnel was made over a couple of days with the sourdough process and fruit was macerated in rum and had bone marrow added in place of butter.

Traditions … Those little rituals passed down from generation to generation that help shape family by creating a sense of unity, warmth, and closeness.

They create memories of peace, love, happiness, and security.

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