By Lynnie Stein / April 17, 2020

Algae Oil

Algae Saving Orangutans

Palm oil is an industrial feed stock and used in confectionery, cosmetics, detergents and bio fuels.

While it contributes significantly to the economies of producing countries, its rapid expansion has caused widespread environmental degradation.

Being a high-value oil with a global production of up to 60 million metric tons per year, palm oil cultivation has been associated with deforestation and the devastation of rain forests throughout Asia.

It has raised significant environmental concerns as many European markets are now banning the use of palm oil in their products.

Enter … Algae Oil

Algae oil can be made more sustain-ably than other oils.

Oil extracted from algae is rich in the Omega-3 fats EPA and DHA

Have you tried Algae Oil?


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