By Lynnie Stein / October 5, 2021

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How to really write a book

Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.

–Mark Twain

Every year, millions of books go unfinished. Books that could have helped people, brought beauty or wisdom into the world. But they never came to be. And in one way or another, the reason is always the same: the author quit.

40 Days To A Finished Book

Why what the marketing gurus are teaching isn’t actually marketing at all, is fundamentally wrong, and might even be illegal!

How the online marketing industry is headed for a huge wakeup call, what that is, and how to make sure you’re ahead of the curve.… and more!

BOM Live

Everyone has a story to tell. To leave a legacy and impact

You were created with unlimited potential.

There is a system to help you discover and unlock that potential so you can put it in service to a life you love

As you do, you bring your highest contribution to our world.

40 Days To Create + Sell Your E-Course

Do you wish you didn’t have to do social media?

Perhaps this is a trap you’re currently stuck inside of or trying to escape, but from the view you currently have, you see no way out..

Do you wonder if there are better ways to build your business that don’t require you to have to throw your best content into the blackhole known as, “The Wall?”

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t need to log on to social media everyday?

Alternative ways Leonie has discovered to grow a 11 million dollar business & prosperity (without the need for those social media shenanigans).

If you have been wanting to press the “Evacuate Social Media” button,
then this $97 course will come as a breath of fresh air and omen from the Universe, that you don’t have to give these big tech companies your private information, content and advertising dollars to build the business & lifestyle of your dreams.

High fives for more freedom!

Marketing WITHOUT Social Media

Marketing Without Social Media Workshop

You wanted to do something that lit you up, made you happy, didn’t feel like a grind and allowed you to have an impact.

You started a business because you didn’t want to have a job.

Instead, you’ve discovered that what you’ve created is a job that feels like the stressful job you got away from.

What’s worse?

You can’t even blame your boss! The boss is now you!

This isn’t what you expected when you set out on your entrepreneurial journey.

Instead of making an impact, you’re stuck in a constant cycle of overwhelm, procrastination and perfectionism.

The mistake that so many entrepreneurs make is listening to someone else instead of themselves about what sort of business they should have.

When it comes to building a business that YOU want and love, you need to check in with one person first & foremost: YOU!

But if you’re like most entrepreneurs I know, you’re listening to everyone besides yourself tell you how to structure your business, what kind of business to build, what kind of clients to serve, what kind of product to offer and even if you should scale your business. Leonie has built an over 11 million dollar company from humble beginnings and shares in her very own unique beautiful easy to comprehend way.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Sales Star Masterclass

You wanted to make the impact.

Now that you’re on your own, you need to fully understand how that unique way of thinking is your money-maker and how it changes people’s lives.

And you can’t look to someone else to figure this out. Leonie Dawson will share how you can better serve your client base while being true to who you are.

Have greater clarity and confidence moving forward in your business, even your personal life.

Money, Manifesting + Multiple Streams of Income

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars, to change the world.”



Your dream has the power to change the world!

Right now, think about the people who will be impacted because of your decision to pursue what matters most to you. Literally see them in your mind’s eye and see how their life will be different because you went for something so much bigger than you ever imagined.

The thing is, that dream is not your dream. It is a request to you to discover the strength, the passion and the patience that is designed into your very being. However, it is only when you reach for what seems like the impossible that you discover just how magnificent you truly are. And as you discover that, you unlock a power that truly changes the world.

She wanted to awaken in her body. To be in her body.

To move her body. To love her body. To share that love with the world!

To become a woman who is turned on by being herself. A woman who takes pleasure in her senses, who
takes pleasure in her body and life.  A woman who puts her pleasure first. A woman who is erotic, powerful and fierce.

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When things change inside you, things change around you

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