By Lynnie Stein / October 25, 2021

Bolster your immune system

probiotics + immunity…protect your heart and eyes,

and enjoy clearer skin while enjoying the taste of delicious “sauer”!

Probiotics Immune System

“Thanks to the “good microbes”. I don’t like to say I am a survivor, how about winner?”

Fermenting for Life March 3, 2017

“20% of eating disorder cases are men.
Eating disorders claim more lives than other mental illness.
1 in 5 die prematurely from physical consequences, or from suicide.

My wife requested for Mother’s Day 2014 to attend as a couple; Love your Gut workshop with Lynnie Stein.
The fad juice was replaced with whole foods, including fermented food.
In cleaning the gut, by replacing fear with great food, I no longer require medication.
Migraines and allergies have disappeared, irritable bowel and iron stores are back in the normal range. 
Not to forget the mood imbalances.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School wrote a scientific review exploring the connection between fermented food and mental health, recognizing the intestinal microbiota as key to this integral relationship.

Thanks to the “good microbes”. I don’t like to say I am a survivor, how about winner?”

Certainly winner, Tim. Thanks for sharing.
❤ Lynnie

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