By Lynnie Stein / October 15, 2018


The invisible organisms – the microbes, are the star of the day!

Microscopic bacteria live on our tongue, teeth, skin and in the intestine. Most of the time, we share our bodies harmoniously with the 90 trillion or so microbes.

When they work in harmony, microbes build peaceful kingdoms. In return for their lodging, they happily entice nutrients out of dietary fiber, make vitamins, produce hormones, fend off disease-causing pathogens, regulate our metabolism and fine-tune our immune system.

It appears they can even influence our moods and affect our behavior.

Microbes are microscopic life forms, such as germs and fungi.

So, the mighty invisible organisms are in the soil, on the leaves and peels of vegetables and on our skin and throughout our digestive tract. Since vegetables don’t have a digestive tract, the microbes where they co-exist inhabit their skins, almost exclusively.

Our bodies rely on the microbes to help digest and absorb our food. After all it is not what we eat – but what we absorb, that counts.

To really understand our world, we have to understand the ancient partnership between plants and soil microorganisms. We cherish the close relationship between the garden and the plate.

Good health truly begins in the soil! Good health originates in the gut! Good food turned into great super food!

Fermentation is practiced around the world in such variety that there is no absolute one right way. It is not a one-step one and done dish, but requires a few steps – which is why grandma would liken it to a dance!

So get your dancing shoes on!

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