By Lynnie Stein / October 12, 2018



The ancient Greeks understood important chemical changes took place during fermentation, calling it “alchemy.”

Liken to a magical art aiming at the spiritual transformation of the Alchemist. “He used alchemy to turn lead into gold” or “We used LAB to turn cabbage into a blessing”.

Turning waste into resources is like turning common metal into gold.

It is all about changing one thing into another and combining ingredients to create a new substance.

The new substance will have entirely different chemical properties and behave in a different way.

So, what is this F word all about …. We would have to be living under a rock if we have not heard the good gut-loving news about fermented food.

Basically, our role as a human is small … our job is to provide the right environment for the good beasties to turn the good food into super-duper great gut-loving food.

The best description without being ‘sciency’ is … the good bacteria pre-digest the food for us. Working like an outside gut! Your gut will love it here!!

💕 Xxoo Lynnie


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