By Lynnie Stein / October 15, 2018

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Lynnie Stein • Gut Goddess

Here’s a bit about me. Thing is one of these statements is NOT true, which one? Guess!

We were the real ‘free range’ kids. People were more important then technology.

News of the day was limited.

We would walk; ride our bikes or horses to socialise.

Our footprint was small. Nothing was wasted. I stand against excess consumption, bullying, manipulative behavior, racism, and watching the news on commercial TV.

1970s …you could choose who you wanted to be! One day you could be the bohemian hippy, followed by the disco queen.

Discovering … less is more ….  Quality over Quantity! 

Fit over Fantasy! And great Italian shoe and fermenting bottle craftsmen.

1980s Slightly obsessed on all things healthy! Studied nutrition and wrote “Healthy Treats”. I shared love of nourishing food through seminars, workshops and classes.

Great music … heavy metal and hard rock … music for the soul.

1990s … Author of “Food for Love”. Fermenting is in my bones. In many ways ferments formed an integral part of a community’s culture and identity. The skills and cultures were traditionally passed from one generation to the next. It’s time to reconnect, revive and recognize the place of fermenting and wholefoods in our lives.

I stopped counting at 21 countries travelled to.

July 2, 2004 … I became a late in life mama…Thierry my most precious gift.

I love the ocean and my most peaceful moments are spent laying on the ocean floor looking up as the light filters and waves produce wonderful symmetry.

It’s and inside job!

I believe mirrors are bad for you. I lived for a few years without one and learned how to operate in the world based on what was inside rather than outside.. freedom!

Joy is my favourite state of being!

I am direct, considerate, honest, intelligent, cheeky and forever curious about the world.

. I help women decondition through an intuitive path and return to independence, and vibrancy of their own hearts and I love doing it!

My aim is for you to discover something here to leave you feeling uplifted, encouraged, and a little more optimistic than before.

It is my hope I can bring a little peace, love, happiness & tranquility and inspire you to believe in the magic of your dreams & to never give up.

I love better care placed on food, with additions from the sour food camp (fermentation) + a lifestyle with love, rest and play that nourish our body.

I have no regrets, a wild statement to make, right?

Along the way I learned that if I always apply myself authentically to the best of my ability I can never have done any better or differently.

I take full responsibility for my actions.

Came face-to-face with a mountain gorilla and got lost in the jungle.

I love to read, it can take you to a fantasy island and you can travel anywhere. If you have a garden and a library, you are set for life!

🖤 Xxoo Lynnie

I rode a motorbike from the age of 14 and have rode the Ho Chi Minh trail from north to south Vietnam.

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