By Lynnie Stein / August 12, 2023

A conscious relationship

is NOT made up of two people free of their pasts. A conscious relationship is created by two people who have studied their pasts and understand what patterns contributed to the dysfunction of their former relationships.

When we pick a partner, we pick their story.

So, as a conscious person in relationship, we are not only responsible for our chaotic inner child, but we are also responsible for helping our partner get a little lighter and heal from their story.

This is not co-dependency, this is compassion.

In the past human experience, marriage wasn’t really for love but for survival. And as we have evolved, we started to choose our mates. But we were not necessarily highly evolved people – not usually highly educated or experienced. Until the last 100 or so years, only the wealthy got educated regularly. We have evolved so much in the last 100 years – cars, planes, computers, phones, just for starters.

So the line from Jerry McGuire, You Complete Me – often made people feel romantic tickles …until we realized completing someone else is co-dependent. We wake up to the co-dependency and the spectrum of narcissism-victim cycle and giver-taker unconscious would relationship patterns. And we become independent. We start thinking we must work on ourselves, be made perfect so we are whole and then perhaps enter a relationship.

However, we often forget to study the universal laws that govern this human experience. The laws of polarity. When we CONSCIOUSLY have a relationship, and CHOOSE to be in it, the conscious giving and taking bring us to the evolved idea that we DO take responsibility to support the other on their spiritual journey. We are interdependent. But we choose this, together.

It’s a beautiful revisit of loving relationships.

I know I am worthy of love, and I deserve to be in a loving and healthy relationship.

I am committed to creating a healthy, open, conscious relationship.

I take ownership of my role in my relationships.

I give and receive unconditional love.

I have a mature healthy relationship.


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