By Lynnie Stein / October 12, 2018


Do you eat meat? Is this how you do food all the time? Do you ever dine out – that must be difficult ?

Lahpet Thoke Q& A time at a recent fermentation workshop.

My dear friend, Anna … “Lynnie, think about it – on social media you share mostly fermenty goodness.

The workshop is full of foraged and strange foods to some.

Question time whilst munching on fermented tea leaf salad. You share fermented flowers and say – pop them on top of sweet potato and green banana flour pizza – yeah!

I am sure hubby would love that – they are thinking.”

We certainly have a powerful association with foods. I 💜 food and love to share. Especially local food from mother nature. They capture something essential. One thing I am not blessed with is the wisdom to tell peeps what to eat. Everyone knows your own unique body.

Dining out is a special occasion and I love being with family, friends and food. After many decades of the most amazing life, filled with exploring and travelling many cultures, I can share … don’t eat with Fear. Fill yourself with peace and compassion and enjoy.

The most unappetizing sounding ingredients can be fermented to take you to blissful lands. We only eat our collection of ferments in moderation.

I look forward to sharing the wisdom of our ancestors and how we employ that wisdom in feeling our way to the future.

We went on a river bike ride and our teen son, Thierry said ” Mum, Have you got your plastic, let’s stop for breakfast”. Here we are … bikes parked, mama and son, enjoying conversation and food.

Happy weekend.

🖤and bacteria, xxoo Lynnie


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