By Lynnie Stein / November 28, 2019


2016: Preparation

2017: Awakening

2018: Transformation


Shedding of any external attachments, one Spiritual Bitch Slap after another until you learn the lesson.

Learning the true meaning of patience, persistence and Divine Timing.

Let go of everything that needs to stay in 2019 – people, pain, defeats, disappointments, hurt, heartbreak, grudges, failures, mistakes and missed opportunities.


2020  a year of fresh starts, new beginnings, new chapters, new chances and brand new opportunities.

The start of a new 10 years filled with love, abundance and prosperity you’ve been praying for because you will finally be living the life you’ve been fighting for and working so hard towards.

Don’t give up on yourself or your dreams. EVER.

The blessings are coming.

I will raise a glass to that. Chin! Chin!

UPDATE: 2020 taught us a lot, including about food and what it means to us

Highlighting how differently we behaved in relation to food, especially when compared during the COVID-19 pandemic to past crises.

My mum, and dad grew up in depression days.  Where everyone made a Sunday roast and then made it last for the next few days. Transformed into fritters, curries, etc.

So why did peeps hoard? From poo paper, pasta, flour and more.

In Australia, many of our food is imported. 

The wonderful news is peeps became more self-sufficient. Growing own vegetables, and collecting own chicken eggs, making sourdough bread. Eating together was a winner over the usual dining out. The wonderful connection that food gives us in good times and bad. 

Of all the things we want to leave behind in 2020, a better understanding of where our food comes from, and how it connects us, are changes worth keeping. That is something money can’t buy!!!

Perhaps, it is the start of love, abundance and prosperity and fresh starts, new beginnings, new chapters, new chances and brand new opportunities.


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