By Lynnie Stein / January 2, 2020

16 Rules for LOVE


  1. Someone who never belittles you. Even in the heat of an argument.

2. Someone who is gentle with you, but does not treat you like you are fragile.

3. Someone who knows what you are capable of, and celebrate those pieces with you.

Not someone who is intimidated by your strength.

4. Someone who can call you out when being a brat, but doesn’t make you feel guilty for being flawed.

5. It is not love’s job to punish you.

6. And remember the person you love is just as broken as you are when they fall short.

7. No one is perfect – do not hold anyone to this standard.

8. Find someone who is patient, forgiving, and apologetic.

9. Someone who practices forgiveness freely and often.

10. Love someone who is humble, kind and empathetic.

Not only with you, but with a beggar on the street, or a stranger in the supermarket.

11. Common courtesy is important.

12. Compassion is important.

13. Kindness is important …

14. Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, and honest accomplishment, or the smallest act of caring… all having the potential to add magic to your day.

15. Sometimes you have to try not to care, no matter how much you do. Because sometimes you can mean almost nothing to someone who means so much to you. It’s not pride, it’s self respect. Don’t expect to see positive changes in your life if you constantly surround yourself with negative people. Don’t give part-time people a full-time position in your life. Know your value and what you have to offer.


Let someone love you just the way you are.

as flawed as you might be, as unattractive as you sometimes feel, and as unaccomplished as you think you are. Yes, let someone love you despite all of this; and let that someone be YOU.

Life is a miracle … have a magical day!

Big virtual hugs, Xo, Lynnie


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