By Lynnie Stein / October 23, 2018

1+1+1 Kefir Cake

Blessed for another Monday and kefir chocolate cake πŸ’–

1+1+1 cake

1 cup of flour
1 cup of unrefined sweetness
1 cup of liquid

We used green banana + tiger nut flour + cacao powder. Local honey + kefir. Left overnight and baked.

🍰 for breakfast – because it’s Monday 😍

Topped with a combination of kefir soft cheese and lacto-fermented dried brines- veggies for breakfast πŸ₯—

This made 6 heart small cakes.

We often double quantities.

Additions of grated beetroot and zucchini or a dash of sauerkraut.

You kill the good beasties by cooking, but our tummies get a good gut full of diverse microbes.

We often cut back on the 1 cup of sweetness and add cool cooked sweet potato or leftover baked pumpkin.

Cooking with kefir also destroys the good beasties.

However … Kefir adds rich flavour (like buttermilk), tenderness (like yoghurt) and super fluffiness (like nothing else).

Kefir practically ” rises ” itself.

Let me know when you try them … how blissful are they?
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πŸ–€and bacteria, xo Lynnie


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